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GCat: Safety
Cat: Employees

Employee rights and employer responsibilities as required by OSHA. US Department of Labor guidelines on the safe employment of teenagers. Imminent danger requirements.

8 Resources
CA-California Workers Page [16639] ?

Cal/OSHA's resources for employees

Discrimination Protection for Trucking Employees [1309] ?

OSHA Fact Sheet 93-30. Discrimination Protection for Trucking Employees

Imminent Danger [1336] ?

An OSHA fact sheet

OSHA Employers and Temporary Labor [40650] ?

Both Host Employers and Staffing Agencies Have Roles

Updated OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program [38376] ?

OSHA administers the whistleblowing provisions of eighteen other statutes in addition to OSHA

Protecting Temporary Workers [40727] ?

Employer Responsibilities to Protect Temporary Workers per OSHA

Protecting the Health and Safety of Working Teens [11528] ?

American Family Physician article on US DOL/OSHA requirements

The Workers Page [2843] ?

Resources for workers, including electronic complaint filing

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