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OSHA technical resources to assist with control of electrical hazards. Directives and guidance to OSHA inspectors on lockout/tagout inspections.

8 Resources
Controlling Electrical Hazards [957] ?

OSHA materials on electrical hazard controls

Updated Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Safety [1176] ?

Technical resources to assist the electric power generation, transmission & distribution industry

Electrical Safety Hazards of Overloading Cable Trays [pdf] [28851] ?

Focuses on hazards associated with overloaded cable trays and relevant OSHA standards

Lockout / Tagout [5609] ?

OSHA resources on the control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout)

Lockout-Tagout Interactive Training Program [11884] ?

Tutorial with interactive case studies on LOTO

MN-Minnesota Lockout Devices in Construction [24998] ?

Minnesota OSHA has adopted its own lockout/tagout standard for the construction industry.

Restoring Electrical Utilities Post Disaster [30196] ?

For trained electrical utility workers and supervisors assessing and restoring electrical utility services

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Safety / Electrical
Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

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