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In addition to the ADA, includes associations for dental hygienists and for specialties in dentistry such as orthodontics, periodontology, prosthodontists.

6 Resources
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry [7875] ?

Represent the primary care specialty of pediatric dentistry

American Academy of Periodontology [7873] ?

Home page of the professional academy of periodontology

American Association of Orthodontics [7863] ?

Home page for the professional society of orthodontists

American College of Prosthodontists [7874] ?

Home page of the ADA recognized specialty organization for prosthodontists

American Dental Association [7806] ?

Home page to the website for the ADA

American Dental Hygienists Association [7865] ?

Home page of the professional society of dental hygienists

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Large number of reference materials for the dentistry profession

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