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Links to societies and professional associations related to insurance claims management.

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Affiliated Adjusters [25739] ?

Association for leading independent adjusting companies in the Western United States

Association of Workers' Compensation Claims Professionals [23085] ?

Professional claims association in the Southeastern United States

CADO [15825] ?

Organization for catastrophe adjusters

Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers [13243] ?

Promote the standard of excellence for vehicle appraising - member directory online

International Institute of Loss Adjusters [5656] ?

Provides a directory of selected insurance adjusters for property loss claims

Liability Insurance Research Bureau [3442] ?

Provide research and analysis of casualty insurance claims issues

Loss Executives Association [10095] ?

Professionals interested in property claims adjustment

National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters [25740] ?

USA and Canada association for catastrophe claims adjusters

National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters [13245] ?

Professional association for independent adjusters - member directory online

Updated National Association of Marine Surveyors [13253] ?

Serves marine survey professionals who conduct marine risk evaluations - member directory online

National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters [2469] ?

Public insurance adjusters provide assistance to insureds in preparing, filing and adjusting claims

Organization of Flying Adjusters [13246] ?

Professional organization for adjusters handling aviation claims - member directory online

Property Loss Research Bureau [3429] ?

Provide research and analysis of property insurance claims issues

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors [13247] ?

Professional organization for adjusters handling marine claims - member directory online

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