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Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals [408] ?

Formerly the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Inc. (ACHMM)

American Chemical Society [827] ?

Professional organization for chemists and chemical engineers

American Institute of Chemical Engineers [370] ?

Association that provides leadership for professionals in chemical engineering

Chemical Education Foundation [13916] ?

A known and respected resource for chemical product stewardship information

Chemicals Abstract Service [2288] ?

Producer of the world's largest and most comprehensive databases of chemical information

CropLife America [355] ?

The nation's largest trade organization for agriculture and pest management

Halon Alternatives Research Corporation [329] ?

Trade association that promotes environmentally acceptable halon alternatives

Salt Institute [19146] ?

A non-profit association of salt producers

Society for Chemical Hazard Communication [11409] ?

Promotes the improvement of the business of hazard communication for chemicals

Updated Society of Toxicology [419] ?

Nonprofit scientific society that promotes knowledge in toxicology

Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment [57] ?

Nonprofit organization dedicated to best use of toxicity data for developing risk values

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