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Online medical textbook on anesthesia. Suggested recommendations and guidelines for antiobiotic surgical prophylaxis. References such as Aldrete Scoring System, Ambulatory Surgery Discharge Scoring Systems and more. Spine and peripheral nerve surgery.

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Cervical Surgery Patient Info [24834] ?

Patient information sheets on procedures for cervical spine disorders

Frequently Performed Surgical Operations [25442] ?

Information for patients about specific clinical procedures

Nora Institute for Surgical Patient Safety [15188] ?

Educates patients and surgeons about the practice and principles of surgical patient safety

Spine & Peripheral Nerve Surgery [417] ?

Sources of information on neurosurgery, spinal cord injuries and ergonomics links

Textbooks of Military Medicine [11575] ?

A variety of medical manuals related to soldier casualties

Understanding the Relationship Between Electrical Gloves & Electrosurgery [pdf] [1067] ?

Prevent intraoperative electrical shock or burn to surgical personnel during electrosurgery

Use of Antimicrobial Prophylaxis for Major Surgery [pdf] [2101] ?

Baseline Results From the National Surgical Infection Prevention Project

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