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Free downloadable software for public health professionals for epidiological statistical purposes.

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CoCASA - Comprehensive Clinic Assessment Software Application [24219] ?

Tools for assessing pediatric and adult immunizations

Epi Info & Epi Map Software [2800] ?

Downloadable software for public health professionals for epidiological statistical purposes

Epidemiology Software [14865] ?

Download software intended for use by epidemiologists

NIOSH Life Table Analysis System [6220] ?

Software for use in analysis of occupational cohort mortality studies

Online Clinical Calculators [22409] ?

A variety of health calculators

RADAR - Radiation Dose Assessment Software [11781] ?

Information about nuclear medicine internal and external dose software

RAT-STATS [20605] ?

Statistical audit tool used by US Office of Audit Services in the Department of Health & Human Svcs

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