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Series of papers and articles related to clinical and nonclincial issues of the disabled. Practical strategies for accomodating the disabled.

18 Resources
CDC: Disability and Health [5989] ?

Supports activities aimed at maintaining and improving the health of the disabled

Daily Activities Worksheet [15132] ?

Worksheet to assist with Social Security Admin disability application process

Disabled: Survey Measurement of Work Disability [16269] ?

Summary of a workshop convened on May 27-28, 1999

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment Instrument [pdf] [16095] ?

Designed for the patient population who receive care of a short-term, rehabilitative nature

International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators [15093] ?

Teaching organization for healthcare providers on disability evaluations

International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals [15083] ?

Oromote the availability of effective, interdisciplinary services for persons with disabilities

Interwork Institute [9620] ?

Conducts research, training, and education relating to the disabled

Job Accomodation Network [1013] ?

Job Accomodation Network (JAN) - practical strategies for accomodating the disabled

National Spinal Cord Injury Information Network [22178] ?

Facts and figures, information sheets, etc

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation [21612] ?

Large collection of medical review articles for medical professionals

Powered Wheelchair Training Guide [25245] ?

Guidance on selection and operation of a powered wheelchair

Recreation Therapy FAQ [14851] ?

A fact sheet on the subject

Seating Evaluation and Wheelchair Prescription [21628] ?

How to obtain successful delivery of a wheelchair and seating system

Sexuality and Disability [21630] ?

Sexual dysfunction in patients with disabling physical or neurologic conditions

Social Security Disability Mini-Workshop [15131] ?

Provides guidance on the SSA's disability insurance process

The Independent Living Virtual Library [15130] ?

Key documents on independent living

Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies [33376] ?

Links to state vocational rehabilitation offices

WHODAS II - World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule II [5988] ?

Instrument for assessing levels of functioning - support materials only

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Claims Management / Return to Work
Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

Human Resources / Discrimination
Fact sheets on discrimination - sex, race, age, disabilities, etc.

Medicine / Wound Care
Medical protocols and guidance regarding wound care, pressure ulcers, etc.

Regulations / ADA
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) case law, regulations, reference materials

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