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Conversions, formulas & equivalencies, ideal body weight calculations and more. Immunization schedules. Creatinine Clearance Estimating Methods and Renal Function Tests. Body Mass Index Calculator. Glasgow Coma Scale. Medical terminology. Convert apothecaries, metric and avoirdupois measurements.

32 Resources
AAST Injury Scaling and Scoring System [30661] ?

Arranged by table number and by organ system

Body Fat - Definitive Guide [2906] ?

Subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, brown fat

Calculate Body Mass Index [8879] ?

Input height and weight to obtain body mass index

Updated Cancer Dictionary [5439] ?

Definition of commonly used cancer terms

ECG Learning Center [24840] ?

EKG instruction and examples

Glasgow Coma Scale [2755] ?

The scoring criteria for the Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale [23781] ?

Explanation of the GCS

Glossary of Medical Terms [1502] ?

Medical terminology - alphabetically listed - full definition of each term

Healthcare Research for Clinicians and Providers [16140] ?

Recommendations for clinical preventive services

Heart Sounds [24838] ?

Appreciate the different audio characteristics of heart murmurs and breath sounds

Injury Severity Scoring [pdf] [25428] ?

An overview of several trauma injury scoring scales

Lab Tests [24538] ?

A public resource on clinical lab testing

LabCorps Tests [24539] ?

LabCorps published procedures - includes CPT codes for lab tests

Lung Sounds [24839] ?

An extensive collection of sound recordings

Maximum Allowable Blood Loss Calculator [14993] ?

How much blood can your patient lose?

Medical Abbreviations [25183] ?

Frequently used abbreviations in medical charting

Medical Dictionary [24292] ?

A dictionary of over 70,000 medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare acronyms and abbreviations

Updated Medical Dictionary [16964] ?

Search engine of medical terms

Medical Spell Checker [24293] ?

Spell checks medical terminology and pharmaceutical terminology

Medical Terminology Spell Checker [21811] ?

Type in a medical term to see if you have spelled it correctly

Medical Tests [6090] ?

Common medical tests and procedures

MedTerms [11594] ?

Medical Dictionary

On-Line Medical Dictionary [5994] ?

Definitions to medical terms

Pediatric Growth Charts [16553] ?

Clinical growth charts

Pediatric Growth Charts [25582] ?

Clinical growth charts for boys and girls

Physical Examination Guide [11574] ?

A practical guide to clinical medicine

Procedures & Test Index [15156] ?

Information cross-indexed with related diseases and conditions

Recognizing Waterborne Disease & Health Effects of Water Pollution [2138] ?

Tools to assist in the recognition of waterborne disease and the health effects of water pollution

Special Considerations in Interpreting Liver Function Tests [11531] ?

A number of pitfalls can be encountered in the interpretation of common blood liver function tests

TransWeb [10135] ?

Resources on organ transplantation and organ donation

Trauma Scoring Systems [15145] ?

Explanations of trauma rating scales

Understanding Acid-Base Balance [1294] ?

Tutorial on the maintenance of a stable acid base balance

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