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Emphasis on safety & health references for the nuclear medicine department.

41 Resources
Dose Estimates for Nuclear Medicine Scans [13286] ?

Radiation dose estimates for a number of radiopharmaceuticals commonly used in nuclear medicine

FDA Device Advice for Radiation-Emitting Products [22457] ?

Medical device and radiation emitting product information from the FDA

FDA Electronic Products Radiation Control - Medical Products [16480] ?

Guidance on FDA requirements such as x-rays, medical lasers, ultrasounds and more

Guidance for Hospital Medical Management of Radiation Emergencies [22464] ?

Assessment and Treatment of the Contaminated Patient

Health Care Personnel and Radiation Safety [39791] ?

Training presentations in MS PowerPoint as well as medical radiation fact sheets

Health Physics Society Position Statements [22665] ?

Position Papers of the Health Physics Society

Mammography Policy Guidance Help System [16478] ?

FDA policy guidance for mammography facilities

Managing Emergency Care of Patients Contaminated with Radioactive Materials [22465] ?

Hospital Emergency Care of the Radiation Accident Patient

Updated Medical Management of Internally Radiocontaminated Patients [pdf] [39810] ?

Manual to aid medical personnel in managing patients who have been internally contaminated with radionuclides

Medical Radiation Exposures [pdf] [39802] ?

2008 UNSCEAR report on medical exposure to ionizing radiation

Medical Treatment - Radiation Exposure and Contamination [24009] ?

Medical treatment of radiation sickness

MQSA Mammography Quality Standards Act Regulations [16476] ?

Text of the FDA's national quality standards for mammography services

MQSA: Certification of Facilities [22484] ?

Accreditation, certification, etc regarding the FDA Mammography Program

MQSA: FDA Mammography Program [22483] ?

About the implementation of the Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992 (MQSA)

MRI Safety [28894] ?

Information on safety in MR environments

MRI Safety Precautions [28893] ?

Health experts have developed a list of safety articles related to MRI's

MRI: Danger of Flying Objects [28891] ?

Photos of things that have flown into a scanner

MRI: Preventing Accidents Involving Metal Objects Pulled into MR Scanner [28892] ?

Automatic scanning technology may help screen ferromagnetic objects, but common sense has no substitute

Navy Radiological Systems Performance Evaluation Manual [pdf] [14261] ?

Technical manual covers all equipment that use radiation - dental, CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.

Navy Radiological Systems Performance Evaluation Manual [22461] ?

A technical manual on radiation management in the medical setting

NRC Medical Products Distribution Licensee Toolkit [22476] ?

Regulations, guidance, inspection procedures, license types, fees and forms

NRC Medical Uses Licensee Toolkit [22475] ?

Regulations, guidance, inspection procedures, license types, fees and forms

NRC Regulatory Guides on Occupational Radiation Exposure [7856] ?

Series of NRC regulatory guides related to occupational radiation exposure regulations

Nuclear Medicine Reference Materials [707] ?

For nuclear medicine professionals

Organ Dose Handbooks [39796] ?

Patient dose values from CDRH

Pediatric Dosimetry Estimates [13284] ?

A compendium of dose estimates for many radiopharmaceuticals for children

Pregnant Patient and Nuclear Medicine Q&A [39793] ?

For medical personnel audience

Pregnant Patient and Radiology Q&A [39792] ?

For medical personnel audience

Radiation Accident Management [13285] ?

Guidance to those responding both at the scene of an accident (prehospital) & at the hospital

Radiation Accident Victims [24010] ?

Recommendations for medical examination of persons exposed to irradiation

Radiation Disaster: Preparedness for Radiology [22459] ?

References for radiologists, radiation oncologists and medical physicists

Radiation Dose Assessment [39794] ?

Information on dose assessment models and methods

Radiation Event Medical Management [14545] ?

Guidance on diagnosis and treatment, decontamination procedures, etc. for health care providers

Radiation Exposure in X-ray Examinations [18009] ?

Radiation safety information for patients

Updated Radiation Health Protection Manual [pdf] [23949] ?

Radiation protection program to protect medical personnel from ionizing radiation

Radiation Oncology Physics Handbook [24574] ?

IAEA text book

Radiation Safety Precautions in the Management of the Hospitalized Therapy Patient [22455] ?

Radiation therapy patient safety precautions

Radiation Sickness [4275] ?

Radiation-associated injuries

Radiology Safety Concerns [24251] ?

Fact sheet for patients regarding the risks associated with any radiation exposure

US DOE Internal Dosimetry Standard [pdf] [13282] ?

Full text of the 145 page manual is provided

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Radiological emergency response

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Radioactive waste management and environmental concerns

Environment / Radon
Resources related to environmental and indoor radon, low level radiation

Health / Sunlight
Ultraviolet hazards from the sun

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OSHA technical resources on radiation, including EMF, lasers, etc.

Regulations / Radiation
Full text of DOE, EPA, NRC regulations on radiation, plus state laws

Safety / Medical Devices
FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

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