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GCat: Health & Medicine
MCat: Medicine
Cat: Patient Handouts

Educational materials for patients about cardiovascular diseases, orthopedics, consumer drug information, health education, & a wide variety of illnesses & medical procedures.

15 Resources
Updated Anatomy Videos [27913] ?

Online videos on human anatomy

Bilingual Patient Education Materials [15935] ?

Series of patient handout materialste for bilingual presentations

Cardiovascular Disease Conditions [548] ?

Subject matter from the American Heart Association

Consumer Versions of Clinical Practice Guidelines [16136] ?

Consumer guidelines for back problems, agina, incontinence, depression, cancer pain & more

Dental Patient Education [21704] ?

Series of dental patient handouts

Diseases & Conditions [2575] ?

Reference information on diseases and conditions

Eye Health Information for Patients [3422] ?

On various topics relating to the eye

Health Information Center [1652] ?

Database contains hundreds of online health information documents

Updated Health Topics [16965] ?

Symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 950 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues

Information for Wheelchair Users [27964] ?

Wheelchair safety, maintenance, proper seating, etc.

Lung Diseases A to Z [11942] ?

Information for consumers from the American Lung Association

Updated National Institute of Mental Health Patient Education Materials [11695] ?

Information about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for mental health

Orthopedics Patient Education Brochures [3615] ?

Large number of patient handouts related to orthopedic conditions and prevention

Patient Safety Speak Up [1388] ?

Materials to promote patient participation in patient safety

Prevention and Health [2909] ?

The latest evidence-based information for improving your health

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Ergonomics / Medicine
Clinical practice guidelines, patient handouts on low back pain, CTS, etc.

Ergonomics / Training
Training guides that simplify ergonomics concepts for the average worker

Health / Consumer Info
Health and medical resources and libraries for the general public

Medicine / First Aid
Full text of first aid manuals and handouts

Safety Mgt / Bulletins
Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

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