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Guidelines for OEM professionals to establish an effective employee health program. Medical management of laser injuries & radiation accidents. Index of medical illnesses, conditions & symptoms. ACOEM workplace guidelines. Indoor air pollution and radon guides. State of California medical guidelines and advisory protocols for occupational medicine. ADA enforcement guidance on pre-employment medical examinations. OSHA medical surveillance requirements.

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ACOEM Position Statements and Guidelines [2488] ?

Position statements on Occupational Medicine & Environmental Medicine

ADA FAQ: Enforcement Guidance on Medical Exams & ADA [14884] ?

Guidance on Disability-Related Inquiries and Medical Examinations of Employees Under the ADA

ADA: Pre-employment Disability-Related Questions and Medical Examinations [6480] ?

ADA enforcement guidance on pre-employment disability related questions

American Thoracic Society Environmental & Occupational Health Statements [26324] ?

Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Asthma Risk at Work, School, and Recreation

AOEC Powerpoint Presentations [279] ?

Download training modules from AOEC or view online

Audit in Occupational Health [18404] ?

Audit tool for occupational medicine and environmental medicine

Bloodborne Pathogens - Occupational Exposure [pdf] [17063] ?

Providesguidance for BBP programs and medical surveillance

CA-California Law Enforcement Medical Screening Manual [24051] ?

Requirements for California police officers

Disability-Related Inquiries and Medical Examinations of Employees [10545] ?

Enforcement guidance on the ADA's limitations on disability-related inquiries and medical exams

Disease Clusters in Occupational and Environmental Health [10491] ?

Online tutorial on disease clusters

Diseases, Disorders and Injuries [8337] ?

Medical conditions that result from exposure to various hazards in the workplace

EnviroDx [16722] ?

A multimedia, case-focused, computer-based learning program on environmental-related diseases

Evaluation of the Injured Worker [21615] ?

Specific questions to ask when first meeting an injured worker and during the continued follow-up

Updated FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners [11028] ?

Guidance needed to perform the duties and responsibilities of an Aviation Medical Examiner

Firefighter Autopsy Protocol [pdf] [25077] ?

Step-by-step protocol for performing autopsies for firefighters & EMS personnel killed in the line of duty

Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health [pdf] [26316] ?

Could be used to create a program to assess the status of Occupational Health Programs

Haz-Map [14101] ?

Relational Database of 48 Diseases Caused by Workplace Chemical and Biological Agents

Health and Safety Needs of Older Workers [30715] ?

What is currently known about the health and safety needs of older workers and the research needed

Health Care Quality Management (HCQM) Certification [24053] ?

Accreditation standards from the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians

Health Effects of Welding and Cutting Fume [12108] ?

Study results of effects associated with the gaseous & particulate components of the fume to welders

Healthcare Providers Guide to Oregon On the Job Injuries [pdf] [17210] ?

State of Oregon requirements for workers compensation IME

HESIS Medical Guidelines [4183] ?

State of California medical guidelines and advisory protocols for occupational medicine

Impairment Rating and Disability Determination [21614] ?

Defines the differences between disability and impairment

Impairment Rating of Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions [21613] ?

Impairment rating is an estimate of the severity of human impairment based on acceptable medical standards

Industrial Hygiene/Preventive Medicine Mold Assessment Guide [pdf] [10513] ?

Guidance for industrial hygienists on assessing mold hazards

Introduction to Occupational Health [32556] ?

Online slide presentation covers the basics of occupational health

Lead in the Workplace: Resources for Health Professionals [12527] ?

Model contract for a lead medical program, medical guidelines and more

Lead Medical Program: Model Contract [pdf] [14145] ?

Fill-in-the-blank contract for employers to use when contracting for medical programs for lead

Measuring Functional Capacity and Work Requirements [10100] ?

Results of a workshop on functional capacity for work requirements for the working age population

Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare [1159] ?

Medical management of electromagnetic, radiofrequency and laser injuries

Medical Evaluations and ADA Concerns [11351] ?

Medical Examinations of Employees with Disabilities

Medical Guidelines: Lead-Exposed Workers [14143] ?

Medical management of the lead-exposed worker

Medical Supervision of Agricultural Pesticide Applicators [5137] ?

Cholinesterase monitoring requirements of pesticide applicators in the state of California

MRO: Competencies of the MRO [pdf] [12506] ?

Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC) describes MRO knowledge requirements

Navy Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide [26303] ?

Aviation physical standards

Navy Occupational Audiology Hearing Conservation Program Procedures [pdf] [14260] ?

A manual for hearing conservation program administration

NFPA 1582 on Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments [19433] ?

Essential functions for firefighters

NIOSH Spirometry Training Guide [26322] ?

Intended for individuals who are responsible for conducting spirometry in the workplace

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Presentations [40123] ?

A series of presentations on topics related to OEM

Occupational Cancer [14870] ?

Technical information about carcinogenic agents in the workplace

Updated Occupational Health [16972] ?

Basics and reference materials related to occupational health

Occupational Health [24975] ?

Series of articles related to occupational health management

Occupational Health & the ILO [19998] ?

ILO Conventions and recommendations on occupational health

Occupational Health Services [7859] ?

On-the-job health care and risk assessment program for US Dept of Energy Workers

Occupational Heart Disease [14871] ?

Occupational risks for coronary artery disease

Occupational Medicine Field Operations Manuals [26298] ?

Manuals in use by the US Navy

Occupational Medicine Program [23307] ?

A university's resources

OEM Competencies [20596] ?

Comprises a spectrum of competencies ranging from those of the general practitioner to specialists

Orientation to Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel [5537] ?

Independent study course for treating patients involved in hazardous materials incidents

Physical Disability Evaluation System [pdf] [26288] ?

US Coast Guard requirements regarding separation or retirement due to physical disability

Police: Fitness for Duty Evaluation Guidelines [6069] ?

Law enforcement officers must be mentally and emotionally stable from the time of hire

Presenteeism - Sick-at-Work [27308] ?

Employees work while sick, possibly exposing coworkers to illness and potentially slowing production

Prevention and Medical Management of Laser Injuries [14095] ?

Basic preventitive, protective and diagnostic information on laser injuries

Quality and Audit in Occupational Health [24455] ?

Introduction to audit in Occupational Health Practice

Respirators vs Surgical Maks [pdf] [5419] ?

Answers to OSHA respirator standard as it applies to medical staff

Scope of Occupational and Environmental Health Programs and Practice [12152] ?

Guidelines from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Silicosis in Construction [20670] ?

What Physicians Need to Know about Silicosis in Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Workers

Some OSHA Standards that Require Occupational Health Services [22421] ?

OSHA Standards for General Industry Requiring Screening and Surveillance or Occupational Health Services

Specific Medical Tests for OSHA Regulated Substances [12953] ?

Database lists the specific medical tests published in the literature for OSHA regulated substances

Specific Medical Tests for OSHA Regulated Substances Poster [pdf] [9763] ?

The poster lists the specific medical tests published in the literature for OSHA regulated substances

Technical Guides - Medical [5747] ?

US Army medical technical bulletins related to occupational health

UK Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Health: Educational Resources [16142] ?

Series of fact sheets related to occupational & environmental medicine from United Kingdom

US Coast Guard Weight/Physical Fitness Standards [26294] ?

Allowable weight standards for military personnel

US Navy Preventive Medicine Materials [14259] ?

Topics such as drug abuse, bioterrorism, BBP, sports injury, swimming, water sanitation and more

UT-Utah Driver License Medical Standards [7841] ?

The Guidelines and Standards were written by the Utah Medical Advisory Board

Western Australia: Occupational Disease [10294] ?

Essential information on diseases in the workplace

What Physicians Need to Know About Silicosis in Construction, Demolition Workers [11789] ?

Physician's alert bulletin about silica for a construction worker to take to a medical checkup

WHO: Occupational Health [5663] ?

World Health Organization occupational health

Workers' Compensation Health Initiative [12119] ?

Projects testing innovations in the delivery and financing of the medical care portion of workers' compensation (WC)

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