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Managed care in nursing. Continuing education - online courses. AAOHN certification. Fundamentals of Nursing Guide. Certified Registered Nurse Intravenous (CRNI).

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Updated American Board for Occupational Health Nurses [2483] ?

Contact information for nurses to obtain information about AAOHN certification

American Nurses Credentialing Center [2482] ?

Bases its credentialing programs on standards set by the ANA Congress of Nursing Practice

Intravenous Nurses Certification Corporation [8601] ?

Offers the Certified Registered Nurse Intravenous (CRNI)

Nurse Practitioer Certifying Agencies [1693] ?

A list of organizations that certify nurse practioners, clinical specialists, etc.

NurseCEU [14017] ?

Links to nursing continuing education (ceus, contact hours) modules offered on the Internet

Nursing Calculators [30400] ?

To assist with nursing math - dosage calculators, clinical calculators

Nursing CE Collection [2589] ?

Clinical topics for nurses

Nursing CE Requirements [30401] ?

Answers to common questions about continuing education requirements for nurses

Nursing Certification Guide [8923] ?

Get the facts for dozens of nursing specialties

Nursing Continuing Education [1692] ?

CE Requirements By State

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DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding - Medicare payment rates

Managed Care / Practice Management
Resources on how managed care affects a physician's practice

Medicine / Infection Control
Infection control in hospitals and healthcare institutions

Medicine / Occupational Medicine
Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

Organizations / Nursing
Associations, non-profits, institutes associated with the nursing profession

Publications / Nursing
Periodicals and publications for nursing

Safety / Needlesticks
Needlestick injury prevention, legislation, safety devices

Safety / Patient Safety
Medical errors, medication errors, patient safety guidance

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