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First aid for chemicals, eye care, CPR, etc. Resources for first aid training. First aid books, guides and manuals. Food poisoning.

51 Resources
AED - Public Access Defibrillation Guidelines [pdf] [32263] ?

Guidelines for Public Access Defibrillation Programs in Federal Facilities in the USA

AED Implementation Guide [pdf] [15772] ?

Steps to implementing a successful and efficient AED program

AED Implementation Guide [32098] ?

Information to help you effectively design, operate and manage your AED program

AED Legal Considerations [pdf] [32095] ?

Legal issues affecting AED programs

AED Program Best Practices [24775] ?

The following questions will guide you through the risk assessment and program management process

AED: Automatic External Defibrillators [16513] ?

An AED program is a natural extension of an existing first aid program

AEDs [14478] ?

How an AED works and more

AEDs in the Workplace [26518] ?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anybody, anywhere

AHA Resuscitation Science [27961] ?

Guidelines from the American Heart Association on CPR and ECC

American Red Cross AED/First Aid Courses [5683] ?

Directory of courses

Bad Batteries in AEDs [40111] ?

Bad batteries in defibrillators tied to cardiac deaths

Basic Life Support and Emergency CPR [40832] ?

Guidance on how to perform CPR

Cough CPR [15965] ?

American Heart Association does not endorse

CPR Guidelines [31948] ?

How to perform on adults and children

CPR Simulator [9465] ?

CPR simulators: adult, child, infant

Updated CPR Study Guide [pdf] [28874] ?

To assist those learning CPR

Disposable Masks for Flu Prevention [pdf] [35834] ?

General guidelines for the use of disposable respirators for influenza prevention

Emergency Supplies Kit [14442] ?

How to pack a Go Bag

Eye Care First Aid [952] ?

First aid guidelines for various eye injuries and conditions

Field Hygiene and Sanitation [11519] ?

Full text of the US Army field manual

Updated First Aid & Safety [24569] ?

What to do in an emergency, how to stock a first aid kit, etc

First Aid & Self-Care Guide [2143] ?

First aid and emergency care advice - plus common self-care problems

First Aid Anatomy [11577] ?

Medical procedures for first aid

First Aid Assessment Worksheet [pdf] [39864] ?

For off-site workplaces

First Aid for Eyes [6150] ?

First aid for eye injuries

First Aid for Head Trauma [22065] ?

Advice for those giving first aid to head injuries

First Aid for Soldiers [11518] ?

Field first aid guidance - what to do before medical personnel arrive

Updated First Aid Kit [16969] ?

Lists contents that should be included in a first aid kit

First Aid Kit - Workplace Requirements [17005] ?

According to ANSI, a basic workplace first aid kit should include

First Aid Library [15158] ?

Information about first aid

Hand Sanitizers - Guidelines [pdf] [35833] ?

Example of general guidelines for maintenance and installations

Hands Only CPR Instructions [40792] ?

Written instructions and video on how to conduct hands only CPR

How to Set Up an AED Program [11578] ?

What to do

Initial Treatment of Ankle Sprains [3489] ?

First aid advice on how to treat ankle sprains initially using the RICE method

Learn CPR [18919] ?

Online tutorial and training materials for learning CPR

National Guidelines for First Aid Training in Occupational Settings [pdf] [15774] ?

Produced through a voluntary consensus process including expert and public peer-review

NY-New York: AEDs in Schools [23020] ?

Information Regarding Implementation of Public Access Defibrillation in Schools

On-site AED Placement Guide [15775] ?

Advice regarding placement of AEDs in community settings

Pesticide Poisoning Handbook [23301] ?

Covers thousands of pesticide products

Updated Public Access Defibrillation Study [19267] ?

Findings demonstrate the value of public access defibrillation in the workplace

Puncture Wound Treatment [27407] ?

First aid care

Responding to Farm Accidents [20562] ?

General recommendations and procedures to follow for the person arriving first on the scene

State AED Laws [29984] ?

State Laws on Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrest & Defibrillators

Sudden Cardiac Arrest [32261] ?

Educational materials

The Heimlich Controversy in Near-Drowning Resuscitation [15201] ?

Issue on what resuscitation procedures to be used when confronted with a near-drowning resuscitation

Treat a Casualty with a Spine Injury [15208] ?

A training outline

WA-Washington First Aid Rules [23143] ?

Rules for employers regarding first aid in the State of Washington

Workplace First Aid Program Fundamentals [pdf] [14157] ?

Includes the following essential elements

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Clinical resources on emergency medicine

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Subjects related to sports medicine and sports science

OSHA / First Aid
OSHA technical resources on first aid

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