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Comprehensive guides for medical professionals and patient handouts on diabetes. Clinical practice recommendations for medical practioners. Full text of Diabetes in America, 2nd Edition.

17 Resources
American Association of Diabetes Educators [9471] ?

Provides a database of diabetes educators

CDC's Diabetes and Public Health Resource [3402] ?

Comprehensive guides for medical practitioners and patient handouts on diabetes

Updated Diabetes [3403] ?

Very large number of documents on various aspects of diabetes

Diabetes - Patient Information [3410] ?

Information on diabetes topics for those with diabetes

Diabetes and Foot Care [26857] ?

How to Take Care of Your Feet

Diabetes Basics [3416] ?

Understanding the disease

Diabetes in School [13009] ?

Covers issues related to schools such as in-classroom self-testing of blood glucose levels

Diabetes Information [3409] ?

For health care professionals

Diabetes Insulin Pumps [3411] ?

A series of articles for patients

Diabetes Self-Tests [40825] ?

Links to five online self-tests for diabetes

Diabetes Standards of Care [3406] ?

From the American Diabetes Associations' clinical practice recommendations for diabetes care

Diabetic Eye Disease [12990] ?

Diabetic public education program materials from the National Eye Institute

Eye Changes in Diabetes [12989] ?

Diabetic Retinopathy Defined

Insulin Pumps - Issues [12991] ?

Advice on setup, pump problem solutions, etc

Updated Juvenile Diabetes Research [3417] ?

Articles on the results of research on juvenile diabetes

Skin Problems Related to Diabetes [12993] ?

Common skin problems related to diabetes

Tips for Better Diabetes Control [12992] ?

Advice for diabetes patients

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