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GCat: Health & Medicine
MCat: Medicine
Cat: Cardiovascular

Educational materials for medical professionals related to cardiovascular diseases. Patient education. Descriptions of heart and circulatory system diseases and treatment procedures.

7 Resources
American Heart Association - Professionals [550] ?

Large number of articles and fact sheets from the AHA for medical professionals

ECG Library [11464] ?

A collection of realistic looking recordings which will help improve your ECG skills

Heart and Vascular Disease Medical Procedures [9033] ?

Brief descriptions of heart and circulatory system disease treatment procedures

Heart Disease Center [2574] ?

Consumer information on cardiovascular health

Heart News [12478] ?

News articles related to cardiovascular care

National Stroke Association [12866] ?

Resources for consumers and professionals about stroke

Stroke Information Library [12867] ?

Statistics, fact sheets on types of stroke, recognizing symptoms, prevention, recovery, etc.

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