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Traumatic brain injury and coma articles, fact sheets, statistics, treatment guidelines, family assistance, legal issues and more.

44 Resources
About Brain Injury [12842] ?

Answers basic questions about brain injury - anatomy, complications

Brain Functions and TBI Deficits [12846] ?

A list of functions, deficits or problems revealed when brain injury occurs at particular locations

Brain Injury Association [15127] ?

Brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy

Brain Injury Fact Sheet [15144] ?

Provides the basics about TBI

Brain Injury Resource Center [12860] ?

Basic information about brain injury and its treatment

Cognitive Problems After Brain Injury [26769] ?

How TBI affects cognition and what can be done about it

COMBI Scales [15100] ?

16 Center for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury scales

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center [15126] ?

Serve active duty military, their dependents and veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI)

DRS - Disability Rating Scale [15125] ?

Total DR score reflects the level of disability

EEG Biofeedback & TBI [12862] ?

Information about the use of neurofeedback as treatment in traumatic brain injury

Epidemiology of Traumatic Brain Injury [12849] ?

Some facts and figures on traumatic brain injury

Glasgow Coma Scale [15119] ?

As a chart

Glasgow Coma Score [20431] ?

Glasgow Coma Scale or GCS is a neurological scale

Glossary of TBI Terms [15114] ?

Over 200 brain injury related terms from HDI's Brain Injury Glossary

Mild TBI/Concussion Overview [15102] ?

Provide basic information about mild traumatic brain injury and its treatment

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Assessment [12850] ?

Assessment guidelines for medical professionals

MTBI - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury [15122] ?

A basic tutorial on MTBI identification, assessment and treatment

MTBI - Treatment [12852] ?

Guidelines on treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries

National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury [15159] ?

TBI information for professionals, persons with brain injury, and family members

Post Head Injury Autonomic Complications [21619] ?

Guidance for medical professionals on autonomic dysfunction syndrome (ADS)

Post Head Injury Endocrine Complications [21620] ?

Endocrine complications can produce significant impact on the progress and outcome of TBI rehabilitation

Posttraumatic Heterotopic Ossification [21621] ?

Guidance for medical professionals

Rancho Los Amigos Scale [15117] ?

Defines the levels of cognitive functioning

Return to Play Following Sports-Related Concussion [pdf] [15121] ?

Metabolic activity in the brain is likely disrupted for approximately 30 days after a MTBI

TBI - Cognitive and Communication Disorders [12853] ?

Cognitive and communication problems that result from traumatic brain injury vary

TBI - Pharmacology Guide [15124] ?

Common drugs used in treatment of brain injuries

TBI - Special Reports [15116] ?

Articles on medical reports related to the subject of traumatic brain injury

TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Research [15142] ?

Reports on TBI research

Traumatic Brain Injury - FAQ [20430] ?

Answers to frequently asked questions about TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury - News [12847] ?

Medical news

Traumatic Brain Injury Conditions [12851] ?

Information on vision problems, sexual dysfunction, coma, concussion, and more

Traumatic Brain Injury Facts [22110] ?

Brain injuries are among the most likely types of injury to cause death or permanent disability

Traumatic Brain Injury Information [15183] ?

FAQ answers common questions about TBI

Traumatic Brain Injury Information [27919] ?

What it is, the treatment, prognosis and research

Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems [15128] ?

TBI research funded by the US government

Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention [10569] ?

Research on how to prevent TBI injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide [12855] ?

Physician written online book for TBI patients and their families

Traumatic Brain Injury: Definition, Epidemiology, Pathophysiology [21622] ?

Guidance for medical professionals

Visual Dysfunction Related to Mild Traumatic Brain Injury [15123] ?

Overview of the common vision problems related to MTBI

Worker-Site Accommodation Ideas for Persons with Brain Injuries [11619] ?

Accommodation Examples for Persons with Brain Injury

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