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JCAHO performance measures. ADA/NCQA Diabetes Measures. AHCPRs CONQUEST. HEDIS. Health Care Quality Improvement.

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AAFP Performance Measurement Criteria [9666] ?

American Academy of Family Physicians Performance Criteria statement of principles

AFIX [24221] ?

A quality improvement strategy to raise immunization rates and improve standards of practices of providers

AHRQ Effective Health Care Program [32174] ?

Provides current, unbiased evidence on health care interventions

AHRQ Effective Health Care Program - Guides for Clinicians [32173] ?

Research in order to provide current, unbiased evidence on health care interventions

American Heart Association Get with the Guidelines Program [32172] ?

Measures hospital treatment of coronary artery disease, heart failure and stroke

Consumer Assessment of Health Plans (CAHPS) [9669] ?

Report tools to help consumers and purchasers assess and choose among health plans

Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project Quality Indicators (HCUP QI) [9668] ?

Software on outcome, utilization, and access measures for quality improvement

HEDIS Specifications for Survey Measures Information [11275] ?

HEDIS measures for Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial

Institute for Healthcare Improvement White Papers [9681] ?

Aimed at reducing costs and improving health outcomes

JCAHO Performance Measurement Systems [9678] ?

Extensive information on Measurement Systems

Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations [9686] ?

QIO program to monitor and improve utilization & quality of care for Medicare

Updated National Quality Measures [25319] ?

NQMC is a public resource for evidence-based quality measures and measure sets

Quality and Outcome Measures for Rehabilitation Programs [21631] ?

Measuring outcomes in rehabilitation medicine

Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes: A User's Guide [32175] ?

Patient registries are organized systems that collect data for scientific, clinical, or policy purposes

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USQA Quality Reports. NCQA accreditation. CVO certification and more

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