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Managed Care and Long-term Services for People with Mental Retardation, Health Policy Report: Managed Care and Mental Health, Parity, Issues in Utilization Management

8 Resources
Managed Care Comes to Mental Health [1211] ?

White paper on managed behavioral health

Mental Health Research [20425] ?

Research findings from the US government

Open Minds Library [17052] ?

Selected articles on mental health managed care articles and white papers

Risk Management for Mental Health Practitioners [13706] ?

How to protect against liability risks

State Mental Illness Parity Laws [9173] ?

State-by-state breakdown of mental illness parity laws

Updated US Surgeon General Report: Mental Health [16122] ?

Report released in 1999 - managed care in mental health discussed in Chapter 6

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Health / Stress
Mental health stress including stress resulting from workplace conditions

Medicine / Mental Health
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of mental health disorders

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