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Headline news on managed care. Managed care glossary. Managed care contracting. Cost and quality issues. State regulation of managed care. Newsletters. Statistics. Tutorials. Fact sheets.

22 Resources
AHRQ Research [20423] ?

Summaries of research findings on managed care topics

Blog: Managed Care Contracting and Provider Payment [39364] ?

Information on payment topics

CAHPS Surveys and Guidance [9679] ?

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) program expired on June 27, 2012

Controlling Costs and Changing Patient Care?: The Role of Utilization Management [8930] ?

A report on utlization management from the National Academies of Science

Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care [16271] ?

Internet version of the Dartmouth Atlas series on the performance of the health care system in USA

Disease Management [16524] ?

Series of magazine articles related to disease management, outcomes, managing costs, etc.

Focusing on Quality in a Changing Health Care System [4522] ?

Position paper from the National Academy of Sciences on quality in health care

Health Administration Responsibility Project [4464] ?

Seeks to establish liability of managed healthcare organizations for consequences of their decisions

Health Care Quality [18699] ?

Summaries of research reports on the topic

Health Performance Measurement in the Public Sector [7163] ?

Principles and Policies for Implementing an Information Network

ISQua [19326] ?

The International Society for Quality in Health Care

Legislative Resources [4118] ?

Analysis of managed care bills, reports, views by the National Association of Health Underwriters

Managed Care Glossary of Terms [11848] ?

Definitions of managed care terminology

Managed Care Magazine [4478] ?

Daily news articles on managed care issues with two years of archives

Managed Care Pharmacy [16523] ?

Series of magazine articles related to pharmaceuticals and managed care

Managed Care: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You [2892] ?

Guidance on how to select a managed health care plan

SF-36 [4223] ?

Provides an overview of a 36-item short-form (SF-36) that was constructed to survey health status

Updated SF-36, SF-20 [11446] ?

Provides general information about these health-related measurement tools & ordering information

Supplements to Managed Care [16527] ?

Disease management papers

Technology and Health Care in an Era of Limits [6991] ?

1992 National Academy of Science report

The Cost Conundrum [39662] ?

What a Texas town can teach us about health care

The Growth and Success of Entrepreneurial Medicine - Urgent Care Centers [15998] ?

Retail, walk-in clinic model is growing

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DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding - Medicare payment rates

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Resources related to Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)

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Disability insurance, health insurance, etc.

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