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Sexual harassment, liability of employers, etc. Litigation of sexual misconduct. Court decisions, articles and cases related to sexual harassment in the USA.

9 Resources
Church Procedures for Handling Complaints of Sexual Exploitation or Harassment [pdf] [22349] ?

Policy guide for churches with sample policy statement and procedures

ERPL: Looking Beyond the Loss Ratio [22345] ?

Attorney suggests ways to prevent harassment problems

Reporting Child Abuse [23698] ?

Information on how to report child abuse in your state and links to state statutes

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program [pdf] [26296] ?

These procedures pertain to both the victim and the perpetrator

Sexual Harassment [19436] ?

In-depth information about sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace [27671] ?

Primer includes guidelines for a sexual harassment policy

Sexual Harassment Investigation Guide [27543] ?

Questions for sexual harassment investigations

Sexual Harassment Policy Statement [pdf] [27541] ?

Example of a company policy statement

Updated Vicarious Employer Liability for Unlawful Harassment by Supervisors [20956] ?

Enforcement guidance on vicarious liability in sexual harassment claims

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