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Product liability legal issues. Legal resources related to product liability lawsuits. Articles and bulletins related to product liability law. Brief on how mass personal injury litigation differs from other product liabilility cases.

11 Resources
A New Breed of Products-Based Litigation [pdf] [31589] ?

Discusses the implications of consumer fraud class action product liability lawsuits

CPSC Office of the General Counsel Advisory Opinions [10469] ?

Consumer Product Safety Commission views on product safety standards

Defective and Dangerous Products - Legal Issues [33916] ?

Legal issues in product liability cases

Defective Product Litigation [1938] ?

A series of legal articles related to product liability

FDA Alert [31592] ?

Legal developments affecting FDA-regulated products

Food Safety Litigation Alert [31591] ?

Developments in food safety litigation law

Phthalates in Teethers, Rattles and Other Children's Products [5566] ?

A discussion of CPSC requirements

Product Liability Law in Wisconsin [16669] ?

Explanation of the basic legal principles of Product Liability in Wisconsin

Products Liability Alert [31590] ?

Developments in products liability law

Products Liability Articles [1937] ?

A series of legal articles on the subject

Understanding Mass Personal Injury Litigation [2837] ?

Rand brief on how mass personal injury litigation differs from other product liabilility cases

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