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Attorney-client priviledge. Expert witnesses. Case management. Sentencing. Work Product Doctrine. Using surveillance tapes in the courtroom. Introduction to Basic Legal Citation. Legal bulletins focused on the hospitality industry - applicable to most industries.

33 Resources
Are Technical Documents Privileged? [27849] ?

Issues on whether technical information is protected by the attorney-client privilege

Contracts Tutorial [4114] ?

Online tutorial on contracts law

Court Reporting/Deposition Services [28682] ?

What legal professionals should know about court reporting and court reporters

Digital Cameras [12813] ?

Digital image alteration is the antithesis of the search for the truth

Documents to Bring to Your Attorney When You Are Being Sued [pdf] [29115] ?

A list of documents you should copy and bring to your attorney at your initial consultation

Electronic Discovery Cheat Sheet - Quick Guide [33378] ?

Overview summarizing the major components of the rules

Establishing a Preferred Legal Services Provider Network [24397] ?

Litigation management advice

Expert Witness Testimony [24246] ?

A variety of articles, excerpts, etc. provide advice to expert witnesses

Expert Witnesses & Consultants [8563] ?

Advice on using and locating expert witnesesses and consultants

Expert Witnesses and Consultants [5203] ?

Resources related to the use of expert witnesses and consultants

FDA Scientific Courtroom Testimony [pdf] [16056] ?

Full text of the FDA laboratory's courtroom testimony procedures

Federal Judicial Center Publications [5555] ?

Series of publications designed for the US federal judiciary

General Litigiation Matters [5373] ?

Materials on litigation issues - evidence, procedures, expert witnesses, etc.

How Attorneys Use Experts and Consultants [12433] ?

Articles relating to expert testimony

How to Overhaul Your Panel Counsel Network [24398] ?

There are several phases to establishing an approved panel list

Integrated Legal Management: A Checklist [24939] ?

Here is a summary of the attributes of a sophisticated legal management system, especially for litigation

Lawsuits & Mediation [9234] ?

Before you sue, review these articles

Lawyers, Clients and Spoliation of Evidence [10456] ?

Defined as the willful destruction of evidence or the failure to preserve potential evidence

Litigation Management [24392] ?

Much of what we today call “litigation management” does not exist

Litigation Management & Budgeting [28681] ?

Budgeting can be a very valuable tool if it is done in a proactive mindset

Litigation Procedures [18507] ?

Lawyers, Law Firms & Procedures

Manual for Complex Litigation [5556] ?

Techniques and procedures that trial judges have found to be successful in managing complex cases

Manuals: Federal Sentencing Guidelines [1812] ?

Outlines the federal guidelines for sentencing

Model Legal Services Agreement (Hourly-Litigation) [24947] ?

The agreement can be modified, e.g., to provide for fixed or contingent fees

Overlawyered [23450] ?

Explores an American legal system that too often turns litigation into a weapon against guilty and innocent alike

Preparing for the Plaintiff's Deposition [16672] ?

Advice for plaintiff's who are being deposed

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence [5553] ?

Federal Judiciary Center reference manual on scientific evidence for the federal judiciary

Sentencing Commission Federal Register Notices [5257] ?

Federal Register Notices for the USSC since 1996

The Age of Expert Testimony: Science in the Courtroom [21803] ?

The main features of the landscape for scientists & lawyers in light of Daubert

Understanding Litigation in the United States [pdf] [36238] ?

A guide for foreign executives and attorneys

Use of Computer-Generated Evidence [1688] ?

Trial practice in the computer age - the use of computer-generated evidence in the courtroom

What to Do When You've been Sued [5066] ?

Outlines steps to take when you receive a summons that you are being sued

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Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) - mediation

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Notices of class actions, proposed, filed or settled. Class action guides.

Legal / Courts
Federal and state court opinions - sources for case law

Legal / Fees
Negotiating legal fees and alternate billing arrangements

Legal / Punitive Damages
Trends, state laws related to punitive damages and insurability, etc.

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