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E-commerce, copyrights, trademarks, etc. related to the internet. Guidance related to intellectual property on the internet. Court decisions. Junk e-mail litigation. Online liability and regulations.

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A Checklist for Web Site Counsel [5258] ?

Managing the Legal Risks of E-Commerce: Practical Legal Strategies

Applying the ADA to the Internet: A Web Accessibility Standard [13738] ?

Requirements of Universal Design to ensure all users can access the information on the webpage

Archiving Instant Messaging (IM) Issues [26504] ?

Outlines some of the security and legal issues related with employee use of IM

Center for Digital Democracy [40137] ?

Protecting Privacy, Promoting Consumer Rights and Ensuring Corporate Accountability

Computer Crime Laws [2330] ?

Summary of federal laws that establish or expand criminal penalties for crimes committed using technology

Computer Law Advice [18517] ?

Legal advice to assist small business and individuals understand their rights

COPPA Rule Requirements [40388] ?

Information on the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Copyright Lessons from Google's Viacom Victory [37098] ?

Results of Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit against Google over its allegedly copyright-infringing clips on YouTube

Cyber-Liberties - Internet Free Speech [15098] ?

Cyber-liberties cases and controversies at the state and federal level

Digital Copyright Issues [17535] ?

Addresses the emerging challenges of digital copyright protection

E-Government Telecommunications and Information Technology [11727] ?

State government topics from electronic filing to technology management to emergency communications

Electronic Frontier Foundation Privacy Litigation [37227] ?

EFF fights in the courts and Congress to extend citizen privacy rights into the digital world

Electronic Frontier Foundation Intellectual Property Litigation [37228] ?

EFF fights to preserve balance and ensure that the Internet and digital technologies continue to empower citizens

FTC Ruling on Social Networks for Background Check Screening [40136] ?

Okay for employers to look at social media profiles as part of background checks for potential employees

Guide to Internet Law [9398] ?

Offers links to the legal research sites on internet law along with brief descriptions

Hyperdictionary of Electronic Commerce Law [17923] ?

Intended as a ready reference for attorneys practicing in the area of electronic commerce law

Internet Law [17515] ?

The law in cyberspace

Internet Law Developments [5265] ?

Guidance on the legal principles governing conduct and commerce in cyberspace

Internet Library of Court Decisions [25094] ?

Extensive summaries of court decisions shaping the law of the web

Internet Taxes - State Guide [5974] ?

The rules for each state on paying sales tax on Internet sales

Updated Junk E-Mail - State Spam Laws [5266] ?

Descriptions of the laws in each state relating to junk e-mail

Legal Guide for Bloggers [37901] ?

A number of FAQs designed to help you understand your rights

Legal Implications of Online Universities [5976] ?

Online universities pose unique legal issues in copyright, communications, and regulatory law

Updated NLRB: Employer Social Media Policies [38724] ?

Advice on NLRB ruling related to social media

Online Social Networking - Legal Policies [36646] ?

A Checklist for Social Media Legal Notices and Policies

Revised COPPA Rule - 5 Things Business Needs to Know [40387] ?

Thumbnail summary to help guide you

Social Media and Employment Law [38725] ?

Its use by employers in pre-employment, employment and post-employment situations

Social Media Governance - Policies [38728] ?

Links to examples of actual corporate policies related to social media

Social Media Revolution: Guidelines for Employers to Consider [38723] ?

Employers must tread carefully before looking to social media sites for applicant and employee information

New Tech Policy for Start-ups [40940] ?

Understand the legislative landscape around managing user data

US Dept of Justice Cybersecurity Unit [4209] ?

The unit is helping to shape cyber security legislation

Web Copyright Issues [5246] ?

Covers legal aspects with web publishing

WIPO Internet Domain Name Arbitration and Mediation Center [21694] ?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options for the resolution of international commercial disputes

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Computer disaster recovery plan

Legal / Computer Law
Case developments, articles, resources related to computer technology & the law

Legal / E-Privacy
Sample internet privacy policies and statements, COPPA requirements

Legal / Intellectual Property
Case developments, articles, resources related to intellectual property

Regulations / Copyright
Full text of Title 17 US Copyright laws

Regulations / Internet
Overview of US federal and state laws affecting the internet

Risk Mgt / Cyberliability
Insurance coverage issues for internet liability

Security / Computer Crime
Computer security, cyberterrorism, etc.

Technology / Accessibility
Guidelines on making web page content accessible to the disabled

Technology / Spam
Technical and legal resources related to spam

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