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Analysis of court opinions involving insurance issues. Articles on commercial insurance, self-insurance and alternative market, etc.

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ABA: Insurance Litigation [13721] ?

American Bar Association section concerned with insurance and tort law

Advertising Injury Claims & Prior Publication [28674] ?

Determining whether an insurance policy's exclusion for prior publication applies to an advertising injury claim

Against Insurance Rescission [pdf] [30323] ?

Proposes an alternative remedy called “actuarially fair reformation”

Are Damages Covered? [40177] ?

How much of plaintiff's claim is paid by an insurer often depends on how losses are characterized

Bad Faith Compendium [36802] ?

2008 review of the relevant principles government bad faith claims in all 50 states

Bad Faith Insurance and State Laws [pdf] [35827] ?

Summaries of the state laws

Burmuda Insurance Law [pdf] [14915] ?

An overview related to insurance law in Bermuda

Business-Covered Clause in a Reinsurance Contract [24391] ?

It is important to carefully consider what risks are being reinsured

CA-California Design Professional Liability Updates [13729] ?

Analysis and implications of recent cases via a blog format

Chinese Drywall Markings Photographs [38858] ?

Chinese Drywall Markings: Photographic Examples

Common Liability Exclusions [40096] ?

Common exclusions in the general liability insurance policy

Conflicting Arbitration and Service-of-Suit Clauses [39827] ?

Which jurisdiction prevails

Copyright Case: No CGL Coverage [30155] ?

A case reaffirming that the CGL policy is not intended to cover media risks

Copyright Infringement of Insurance Materials [30135] ?

Patents in the insurance industry

Defending Noncovered Claims [27848] ?

Can insurers be reimbursed for defense costs incurred in defending noncovered claims against insureds

Excess Insurer Entitled to Equitable Subrogation - Not Equitable Contribution [27858] ?

Home Ins. v Cincinnati Ins and its possible effect on additional insured claims in the future

First Party Property Desk Reference [36803] ?

Review of state laws affecting property claims adjusters - notice of claim and proof of loss, arson reporting, etc

Hindsight in Bad Faith Insurance Litigation [40176] ?

When an insurer fails to conduct an investigation that would have uncovered facts supporting the possibility of coverage

Homeowners Policies and Acts of Self-Defense [28685] ?

A discussion of rules on wrongful death and self-defense

Hot Cases in Insurance Law [4171] ?

Recent court decisions that affect insurance law

Indoor Air Quality Liability [5341] ?

Theories of liability

Insurance 101 - Claims [40090] ?

Insurance claims education in three to four minute increments

Insurance Bad Faith - Basics [24083] ?

An insurance company must act fairly and in good faith towards its policyholders

Insurance Coverage Opinions [40088] ?

Commentary on court decisions related to general liability and professional liability insurance

Insurance Law Advice [18502] ?

Answers to various legal questions related to insurance - for small business & individuals

Insurer Sues Attorney for Malicious Prosecution [30134] ?

Role reversal - an insurer goes after an attorney who filed an apparently malicious and unfounded lawsuit against it

Jurisdiction in Workers Compensation Cases [16325] ?

How jurisdiction is determined and tips for risk managers

Law Digest [14578] ?

A summary of the insurance laws for each state and the Canadian Provinces

Legal Firm Articles on Insurance Law [5326] ?

Series of articles related to insurance law from Phillips Nizer

Liability Insurance: When a Breach of Contract Constitutes an Accident [16004] ?

Can breach of contract actions be covered by liability insurance?

Missing Insurance Policies [40094] ?

How a party in a court of law may reconstruct missing insurance policies

Mold Exclusions Guide [38739] ?

The Risk Advisor’s Survival Guide to Mold Exclusions

Multi-Year and Stub Policies [24086] ?

Disputes may arise when a multi-year policy follows an annual one

PA-Pennsylvania Insurance Law Articles [17948] ?

Series of articles written by attorneys on cases related to insurance law in Pennsylvania

PA-Pennsylvania Summary of Recent Pennsylvania Cases [1238] ?

Insurance law cases in Pennsylvania - summaries

Parol Evidence Rule [22083] ?

Why some courts ignore extrinsic evidence when interpreting insurance policies

Physical Damage in the First-Party Property Policy [16002] ?

American Guarantee & Liability Ins. Co. v Ingram Micro, Inc., 2000 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7209 (DC Ariz)

Post-Katrina Duties and Liabilities of Insurance Agents and Brokers [31661] ?

Following Hurricane Katrina, many insurance agents and brokers found themselves being sued by their customers

Proximate Causation - Property Claims [40093] ?

Efficient Proximate Cause: There May Be Coverage For An Excluded Cause of Loss

Reinsurance Agreements: Are Punitive Damage Awards Recoverable? [16001] ?

The reinsurability of punitive damages is a tricky issue

Reinsurance Contract Wording [16000] ?

The Effect of Ambiguous Reinsurance Contract Language

Rescission in California [27843] ?

The court enforced the rescission of an insurance policy because of misrepresentation or concealment of material fact

Reservations of Rights Letters [36801] ?

Review of state laws on reservation of rights letters, disclaimer letters and non-waiver agreements

Spoliation of Evidence: Issues for the Insurance Industry [12812] ?

Spoliation is the destruction or alteration of evidence

Storm Watch [23625] ?

When to call in a weather investigator

Tennessee Insurance Litigation Blog [40092] ?

Legal insights on insurance litigation in Tennessee

The Lawyer as an Insurance Claims Expert [31644] ?

Qualification of a lawyer expert

The Tripartite Relationship [5337] ?

Provides an explanation of the tripartite relationship in insurance law

Todd Shipyards & Independently Procured Insurance [21114] ?

Despite predictions of its demise, the US Supreme Court 1962 decision lives

Torts, Contracts, and Statutes of Limitation [27857] ?

What statute of limitations applies often turns on whether suit alleges negligence or breach of contract

Use of Independent Counsel [27856] ?

Those situations in which an insured is entitled to select his counsel and control the defense

What Insurance Companies Consider in Injury Claims [1686] ?

Overview of factors that are considered by insurance companies related to personal injury cases

When an Insurance Company Breaches Its Contract [1936] ?

Discussion and interpretation of breach of contract by an insurance carrier

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