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Law and the physician, medicine and law, medical liability, etc. Resources, cases, statutes, memos and articles on health law. Latex allergy litigation.

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Advance Directives - by State [38604] ?

Provides an overview of requirements for each state

AED State Laws on Heart Attacks & Defibrillators [19273] ?

Information on US state laws related to Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (APPL) [11725] ?

Psychiatric law cases and psychiatry applied to legal issues

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law [13898] ?

Leading national legal advocate for people with mental illness and mental retardation

Brain Injury Law [12843] ?

A basic guide to the different legal and financial issues relating to the brain-injured person

CA-California: MICRA [12438] ?

Key provisions of California's Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act - pro-MICRA views

Center for Justice & Democracy Press Room [23509] ?

Briefings on top issues related to medical malpractice

Damages for Fear of AIDS [20938] ?

Viability of a cause of action for the negligent infliction of emotional distress for AIDS exposure

Disability Law [19438] ?

In-depth information about responsibilities under ADA, FMLA, OSHA

EMTALA & Helicopters [29679] ?

Whether an ambulance meeting a helicopter on their helipad triggers EMTALA

EMTALA & Medicare [29678] ?

Specific obligations on Medicare-participating hospitals that offer emergency services

EMTALA Resources for Healthcare Professionals & Hospitals [12476] ?

Emergency Medical Treatment & Active Labor Act's physician responsibilities to the emergency patient

EMTLA - Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act [12473] ?

Cases, statutes, regs related to the Patient Anti-Dumping Law

EMTLA - Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act [12474] ?

Resources relating to COBRA patient anti-dumping regulations

Head Injury and the Law [15140] ?

Series of articles related to TBI

Health Care Law Blog [18861] ?

Updates on laws and regulations as well as case law

Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine in USA [40705] ?

Explains the roles of US federal and state authorities related to isolation and quarantine

Legal Issues for Physicians [9016] ?

General information for physicians about legal issues affecting medical practice

Managed Care Liability Case Law [16951] ?

Cases for the plaintiff attempting to establish the liability of Managed Health Care Organizations

Medical Marijuana and the US Dept of Justice [pdf] [40535] ?

US Dept of Justice Guidance on Marijuana Enforcement

Medical Marijuana Laws [40536] ?

Information on state laws related to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes

Medicine & Law Issues [5366] ?

Articles about medical malpractice, standards of care, expert witneses & med/law issues

Model Aquatic Health Code [5239] ?

A National Model Swimming Pool and Spa Code

Online Health Law Courses [12781] ?

Lectures, slides, case law used in health law courses

Patient-Physician Relationship Legal Issues [pdf] [15017] ?

General information about traditional legal issues inherent in the patient-physician relationship

Public Health Law - CDC [15645] ?

Publications and resources from the CDC related to public health law

Public Health Law in the Age of Terrorism [15644] ?

An introduction to public health law in the age of terrorism

Public Health Law Toolkits [12780] ?

From the US Centers for Disease Control

Stark Law [15657] ?

Information on penalties, legal practices, latest news and advice

State Family Leave Laws - FMLA [5624] ?

An overview of the state laws related to unpaid family and medical leave

U.S. AED Federal Laws [32097] ?

Links to existing federal laws addressing the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs)

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Claims Management / Health Fraud
DHHS OIC compliance program, health care fraud, physician fraud, etc.

Health / Ethics in Medicine
Ethical, professional and public policy statements for health care

Health / Privacy
Medical record privacy, patient confidentiality, etc.

Medicine / Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injury reference materials

Regulations / Health
Full text of state health laws - access to state health departments

Risk Mgt / Medical Liability
Medical malpractice, risk management in medicine, insurance, etc.

Safety / Medical Devices
FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

Workers Comp / WC Laws
Obtain the full text of state workers compensation laws

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