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Negotiating fees. Fee disputes. Alternate billing arrangements. Litigation cost control. Sample flat fee cost schedule.

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Attorney Fees [24247] ?

Types of attorney's fee arrangements, etc.

Attorney Fees in Workers Compensation [pdf] [11754] ?

This table refers only to attorney fees for claimants - by state

Awarding Attorney's Fees and Managing Fee Litigation [pdf] [5552] ?

Case management of fee awards

Legal e-Billing & LEDES [28683] ?

Overview of LEDES - Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard

Managing Lawyers & Legal Fees [24933] ?

A Guide To Integrated Management of Legal Services

Managing Legal Costs [pdf] [40191] ?

Tips to managing the costs of legal services

Negotiating Legal Fees [1687] ?

Advice on negotiation of legal fees with a description of basic billing practices

Tips For Hiring an Attorney [23452] ?

Tips you should know before hiring an attorney

Understanding Legal Fees [3883] ?

There are three main types of fee arrangements

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