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Recent consumer law decisions in the state of New York. Series of brochures on consumer law.

14 Resources
Accident & Injury Law [33917] ?

Legal concepts and issues that apply to almost all accident and injury cases

CPSC - Consumer Product Safety Commission [40391] ?

Responsible for consumer safety in the United States

CPSC - Safer Products [40392] ?

A publicly searchable database regarding consumer products with potential health/safety issues

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act [35783] ?

Text of the act

FTC - Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center [40390] ?

Materials from the Federal Trade Commission for businesses

FTC - Consumer Information [40389] ?

Materials from the Federal Trade Commission for consumers

National Consumer Law Center [1940] ?

Promote marketplace justice

NY-New York Consumer Law Updates [5237] ?

Recent consumer law decisions in the state of New York

NY-New York Consumer Protection Board [2342] ?

Tips for consumers

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Library [1939] ?

Series of articles on topics of interest to attorneys and consumers

Personal Injury Claim Valuation [9081] ?

How insurance companies determine the value of a personal injury claim

Understanding Personal Injury Law [35784] ?

A series of articles and resources for consumers

Uniform Debt-Management Services Act [35781] ?

Text of the act and a summary of its provisions

Uniform Debt-Management Services Act - How it Works [35782] ?

Highlights of act and how it works - for consumers

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