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Mediation in construction disputes. Designer-led design build construction and legal issues. Court decisions in construction law.

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AAA Rules and Awards of Attorney Fees [30138] ?

A party can unintentionally trigger the award of attorneys’ fees even when such relief is absent from the contract

Ambiguities in Design-Build Contracts [28687] ?

An owner retains liability to the design-builder when it provides faulty or ambiguous information to bidders

Architects and Engineers Contract Administration [3041] ?

Contains contract information of use to firms who want to obtain contracts with the VA

CA-California Construction Law [4138] ?

Articles and forms for members of the California construction community

Caselaw Ignoring the Subcontractor Exception [28720] ?

A review of construction defect cases related to subcontractor exception issues

Caselaw on Occurrence [28719] ?

A review of construction defect cases related to occurrence issues

Consequential Damages in Construction Contracts [28688] ?

Are you really protected?

Construction Contract Language [30085] ?

Contract concerns

Construction Defect - Legal Basics [33928] ?

Provides basic overview and FAQ

Construction Defect Lawsuits [13454] ?

Successful resolution through insurance

Construction Defect Resource Guide [36804] ?

Analysis of major legal trends regarding construction defect

Construction Delay Claims [30086] ?

Common pitfalls

Construction Expert Witness [31645] ?

A Litigation Guide

Construction Law Survival Manual [17716] ?

17 chapter online manual includes mechanics liens

Contract Management [9484] ?

Contract management is key to protecting yourself against unexpected liability

Damage and Defense Cost Allocation in Construction Defect Claim [pdf] [30146] ?

A decision on the proper allocation when continuous, progressive losses over successive policy periods occur

Defective Construction as Occurrence [31657] ?

Construction Defect Analysis for Occurrence and Manifestation Occurrence Form Policies

Negligent Misrepresentation and the Economic Loss Doctrine [28714] ?

Negligent misrepresentation exception is a viable means to avoid the doctrine according to some court cases

Purchase Orders are Contracts [32896] ?

A purchase order is legally binding

Significant Cases and Decisions Impacting the Construction Industry [22316] ?

Summaries of significant court cases updated monthly

When Does Insurance Cover Faulty Workmanship? [30154] ?

Usually commercial general liabillity policies do not cover a contractor's faulty work

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