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Arbitration rules & procedures. Vacating arbitration awards. Arbitration forms used for general business, labor, etc.

27 Resources
ADR Procedural Guides [5219] ?

A series of guides from the American Arbitration Association (ADR)

ADR Procedures & Clauses [5226] ?

Model procedures & clauses, etc. for US, Canada and Europe

Alternative Dispute Resolution [2079] ?

A Resource Guide

Alternative Dispute Resolution Topic Area [189] ?

Articles from the Lectric Library

Arbitration Advice [18508] ?

Legal advice to assist small business and individuals understand their rights

Arbitration Library [5216] ?

Documents to help enhance knowledge of alternative dispute resolution

Arbitration Rules and Procedures [5217] ?

From the American Arbitration Association

BBB Dispute Resolution Programs [8645] ?

Series of programs sponsored by the Better Business Bureau

California's Mediation Confidentiality Statute [27853] ?

There is a bizarre exception to the California Evidence Code's rule of absolute confidentiality

EEOC Mediation Program [10538] ?

A form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offered by EEOC

Evaluative Mediation Techniques Help Achieve Success [30111] ?

Lawyers want mediators to provide "analytical input," or, as we more commonly call it, "evaluative mediation"

Federal Judicial Center: Alternative Dispute Resolution [5554] ?

Series of publications designed for the federal judiciary on alternative dispute resolution

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service [9625] ?

Dispute mediation, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration services in US & international

How to Pick a Mediator [27007] ?

Questions for prospective mediators and some likely responses

How to Sabotage a Mediation [27834] ?

Ways to ruin the mediation process

Insurance Coverage Litigation & Mediation with Additional Insureds [28690] ?

A tool that can help with this dilemma: The Surowiecki Ballo

Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Working Group [25254] ?

Resource for information about the US federal government's use of ADR

International Court of Arbitration [18619] ?

International Chamber of Commerce international dispute resolution services

Mediation Advocacy [24418] ?

The Problem That Mediation Is Uniquely Designed To Solve

Mediation Advocate Bill of Rights [24417] ?

If you hire mediators, you have rights

Professional Mediation [30128] ?

Professionals make a difference

Purchasing Habits of Mediation Services Consumers [30147] ?

Over 50 top-flight commercial litigators were surveyed

Reinsurance Arbitration—A Primer [30129] ?

What's the difference between litigation and arbitration

Should Employers Require that 
Workplace Disputes Be Arbitrated? [37928] ?

Many employers are considering mandatory arbitration of employment claims in response to rising employment litigation

The Federal Arbitration Act [pdf] [21698] ?

Full text of the act

Uniform Medication Act of the American Bar Association [16203] ?

Focus on the practice of mediation in the USA

When is the Right Time to Mediate [24416] ?

Identifying when

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