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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

19 Resources
Association For the Electrically & VDT Injured [870] ?

Focused on RF radiation safety issues related to electronic products

Forestry Research Institute of Sweden [4369] ?

Research and development for profitable, ecologically sound forestry

Government of Sweden [8809] ?

Links to official government websites and information about the country of Sweden

OHS Law: Act No. 677/91 1991, amended 1977 Working Environment Act - Sweden [13178] ?

Text of occupational safety and health law in Sweden

OHS: Swedish Focal Point for Safety and Health at Work [25507] ?

Information about workplace safety requirements in Sweden

OHS: Swedish Work Environment Act, Provisions and General Recommendations [10024] ?

Full text of Swedish legislation for workplace safety and health

OHS: The Swedish Work Environment Authority [11383] ?

The central administrative authority for questions relating to the working environment &working hrs

Statistics Sweden [4353] ?

Official statistics for Sweden - subscription fees required for access to databases

Sveriges Riksbank [38599] ?

Sveriges Riksbank is Swedenís central bank

Sweden - Legal Research [37450] ?

Information about the country's legal system with links to official government websites

Swedish Council for Work Life Research [4355] ?

Swedish research on subjects related to the work environment and working life

Swedish Ministry of Employment [7153] ?

Includes information about labour laws

Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs [10391] ?

Also does Social security administration in Sweden

Swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy [4932] ?

Sweden's agency responsible for environmental protection laws

Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute [7325] ?

Swedish transportation research center - aviation, rail, highways, marine, etc.

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority [25848] ?

Supervises all nuclear activities in Sweden

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority Acts [20606] ?

The radiation regulations for Sweden

Swedish Standards Institution [4616] ?

Produce and sell standards, quality certification, eco-labelling and related services

Swedish Transport Administration [28016] ?

Assigned the overall sectoral responsibility for the entire road transport system

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