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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

19 Resources
Labour Laws - Norway [20465] ?

Abstracts of some labour laws, full text of others

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - Norway [37908] ?

Responsible for Labour laws

Ministry of the Climate and Environment - Norway [4931] ?

Norway's environmental protection agency responsible for environmental laws

Norway - Legal Research [8792] ?

Links to official government websites and information about the country of Norway

Norway Government [8604] ?

Main website for the Norwegian government

Norwegian Acts [5208] ?

Unofficial English translations of the Norwegian Acts

Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency [37912] ?

A directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment

Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning [37911] ?

Electrical safety, fire prevention, hazardous substances, national preparedness, products and consumer services

Norwegian Directorate of Health [37909] ?

Responsible for public health laws

Norwegian Employment & Welfare Organization [10386] ?

Information on social security in Norway

Norwegian Food Safety Authority [37910] ?

Responsible for food safety laws

Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications [28043] ?

Responsible for railways, aviation, road administration

Norwegian Public Roads Administration [28030] ?

Responsible for national roads, vehicle inspection, driver training and licensing

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority [20607] ?

The national authority in the area of radiation protection and nuclear safety in Norway

Norwegian Standards Association [4609] ?

Provides an overview of NSF and E-mail addresses to obtain NSF standards

OHS Law: Act No. 4 of 4 February 1977 as amended 1995 - Norway [13174] ?

Act No. 4 of 4 February 1977 respecting workers' protection and the working environment

OHS: Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority [25482] ?

Responsible for workplace safety and health laws in Norway

OHS: Nowegian Workplace Safety Laws and Regulations [25480] ?

Information on laws related to labour and workplace safety in Norway

OHS: Safety in the Workplace Regulation - Norway [13976] ?

Text of the Working Environment Act

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