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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

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American Chamber of Commerce in Japan [4367] ?

Provides links to information and resources about living and doing business in Japan

Bank of Japan [38544] ?

The Bank of Japan is the central bank of Japan

Environment Agency of Japan [4930] ?

Promotes national environmental policies and programs in Japan

Environment Ministry - Japan [4562] ?

Environmental protection, development of natural resources & new forms of energy, industrial safety

Environment: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology - [4564] ?

Conduct environmental research for the Japanese government

Financial Services Agency Japan [38545] ?

Regulates the financial services industries - insurance, credit agencies, securities

Insurance: General Insurance Association of Japan [12449] ?

A trade association representing licensed general insurance companies in Japan

Japan - Legal Research [8779] ?

Links to official government websites and information about the country of Japan

Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport [9168] ?

Responsible for transportation safety, disaster safety, land conservation, infrastructure development

Japanese Standards Association [19300] ?

National standards body for Japan

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheris of Japan [12461] ?

Administration related to agricultural, forestry and fisheries products in Japan

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - Japan [4563] ?

Responsible for international trade and industry policies

Ministry of Finance Japan [17245] ?

Budget Bureau, Tax Bureau, Customs and Tariff Bureau, Financial Bureau

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan [12451] ?

Responsible for public health, labour and welfare regulations in Japan

Ministry of Justice of Japan [12455] ?

Legal affairs, which include civil, criminal, immigration and related matters in Japan

Ministry of Labour - Japan [3317] ?

Home page of Japanese ministry responsible for labour legislation

National Police Agency of Japan [17243] ?

Information on traffic laws, unauthorized computer access law and more

News: The Weekly Post [9129] ?

News from Japan

OHS: Industrial Safety and Health Department - Japan [4401] ?

Located within the Labour Standards Bureau - responsible for occupational safety and health

OHS: Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association [4375] ?

Responsible for workplace safety and health in Japan

OHS: Japan Occupational Safety & Health Legislation [9146] ?

Text of Japan's workplace safety laws

OHS: National Institute of Industrial Safety - Japan [4402] ?

Japanese government body that conducts research in industrial accidents and prevention

Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission Japan [38546] ?

Regulates the securities markets

Statistics Bureau & Statistics Center - Japan [4365] ?

Statistical bureau for the government of Japan - large number of online statistics

Supreme Court of Japan [17242] ?

A guide to court procedure, prominent judgements of the Supreme Court

Workmen's Accident Compensation System - Japan [3325] ?

Provides compensation to workers injured on the job

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