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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

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Enviromental Protection Department - Hong Kong [14324] ?

Responsible for environmental laws & regulations in Hong Kong

HKMA - Hong Kong Monetary Authority [38553] ?

Responsible for maintaining monetary and banking stability

HKOSHA: Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Association [13862] ?

Information concerning occupational safety and health (OSH) in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Home Page [255] ?

Home page of the government of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Department of Food & Health [4620] ?

Agency that executes health care policies and statutory functions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Office of the Commissioner of Insurance [38555] ?

Responsible for policy and legislation related to insurance

Hong Kong Ordinances and Regulatioons [27150] ?

The text of Hong Kong legislation

Insurance Commissioner Office for Hong Kong [29213] ?

The homepage of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance

Labour Department of Hong Kong [4373] ?

Hong Kong government's department of labour

Labour Legislation - Hong Kong [4400] ?

Text of employment requirements and labour laws for Hong Kong

Labour Legislation of Hong Kong [4372] ?

Access to information about Hong Kong's labour laws

Laws: Hong Kong Bilingual Laws Information System [4399] ?

Database contains the full text of statutory Laws of Hong Kong & selected constitutional documents

News: South China Morning Post [9128] ?

Hong Kong English language newspaper

OHS: Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Divisions [4371] ?

Access to the four divisions of Occupational Safety & Health

OHS: Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Council [4398] ?

Responsible for workplace safety and health in Hong Kong

OHS: Legislation & Regulations [9125] ?

Full text of selected legislation and regulations related to occupational health and safety in Hong Kong

SFC - Securities and Futures Commission - Hong Kong [38554] ?

Responsible for administering the laws governing the securities and futures markets in Hong Kong

Social Welfare Department - Hong Kong [10355] ?

Social security, family & child welfare, rehabilitation, elderly, young people

Trade and Industry Department of Hong Kong [4623] ?

Partners with Hong Kong industries in delivering competitive goods & services in the world market

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