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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

22 Resources
Bank of Finland [38581] ?

The Bank of Finland is Finland's monetary authority and a member of the Eurosystem

Consumer Agency of Finland [23364] ?

Responsible for consumer protection in Finland

Finland - Legal Research [8764] ?

Links to official government websites and information about the country of Finland

FINLEX: Translation of Finnish Act and Decrees [23358] ?

Full-text translations of Finnish Acts of Parliament

Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications [27204] ?

Responsible for transportation legislation and for telecommunications legislation

Finnish Standards Association [4601] ?

National SFS Standards are sold in Finland only by SFS

Finnish Transport Agency [28022] ?

Responsible for transportation regulations

KTL: National Institute for Health and Welfare - Finland [23362] ?

Health promotion, research and surveillance

Labour Laws - Finland [25213] ?

Abstracts of some labour laws, full text of others

Ministry of Labour - Finland [23363] ?

Focuses on the labour market, management of employment

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health - Finland [23360] ?

Responsible for social, health, social welfare, occupational health, environmental health, etc

Ministry of the Environment - Finland [23366] ?

Responsible for environmental laws in Finland

Ministry of the Interior - Finland [23367] ?

Responsible for internal security in Finland

National Agency for Medicines Finland [23361] ?

Responsible for the safety of medicines, medical devices and blood products

OHS: Finish Institute of Occupational Health [23359] ?

Concerned with matters related to occupational safety and health in Finland

OHS: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health [4343] ?

Promotion of occupational health & safety and elimination of occupational health hazards

OHS: Finnish Occupational Safety & Health Legislation [23357] ?

Text of selected occupational safety and health acts

OHS: Finnish Safety and Health at Work [25501] ?

Information about workplace health and safety requirements in Finland

Statistics Finland [10382] ?

Provider of official statistics for Finland

STUK: Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Finland [20608] ?

Regulate the use of nuclear energy

STUK: Regulations [20609] ?

Information on the nuclear energy regulators and acts for Finland

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland [10357] ?

Social security administration in Finland

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