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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

9 Resources
Brazil - Government Links [37388] ?

An explanation of the branches of governments with links to their websites

Brazil - Legal Research [8748] ?

Links to official government websites and information about the country of Brazil

Brazil Statistical Agency [8662] ?

Statistical agency for the country of Brazil

Brazilian Association for Standardization [4597] ?

Purchase Brazilian technical standards (only a portion of the site is in English)

Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission [25838] ?

Responsible for standards and regulations related to nuclear safety in Brazil

Central Bank of Brazil [20654] ?

Website in English

Government of Brazil [37387] ?

Official government website

Information Resources - Brazil [37432] ?

Links to government websites and more

Presidency of Brazil [37386] ?

The President of the Republic is the head of the Federal Executive Power, assisted by the Ministers of State

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