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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission [38568] ?

Responsible for the country's securities markets

AUASB - Auditing and Assurance Standards Board of Australia [38565] ?

Responsible for Australia's auditing and assurance standards

AUSTRAC - Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre [38569] ?

Australia's financial intelligence unit

Australia - Government [8701] ?

Directory for the Australian Commonwealth Government

Australia - Legal Research [8742] ?

Links to official federal government websites and information about the country of Australia

Australia Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government [14421] ?

Responsible for air, sea, rail and road regulations in Australia

Australia Department of Social Services [10354] ?

Income security, disability benefits, families, community support and public housing

Australian Bureau of Statistics [4644] ?

Australia's official statistical organisation

Australian Council of Trade Unions [9124] ?

Represent labor unions in Australia

Australian Human Rights Commission [9121] ?

Administers federal legislation in the area of human rights, anti-discrimination, privacy

Australian Law by Jurisdiction [5431] ?

Access to the text of Australian state and provinicial laws

Australian Legislation and Case Law [9122] ?

Primary resources for conducting legal research for the national laws of Australia

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority [35852] ?

Oversees banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial services in Australia

Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency [2631] ?

Responsible for promulgating regulations related to the harmful effects of radiation

Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Legislation [2820] ?

ARPANSA radiation acts and regulations

Australian Transport Safety Bureau [14420] ?

ATSB deals with the non-regulatory aspects of air, sea, rail and road safety

Department of Finance and Deregulation - Australia [38572] ?

Budget management, property and asset management, investment funds

Environment Australia [237] ?

Australia's Department of Environment and Heritage

Environment Australia Legislation [14314] ?

The environmental laws for Australia

Environment: National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology in Australia - EnTox [36] ?

Australian toxicology research, training, consulting and information service center

FRC - Financial Reporting Council - Australia [38570] ?

Broad oversight of the process for setting accounting and auditing standards

Health: Commonwealth Dept. of Health and Family Services in Australia [252] ?

Provides links to the agencies and publications associated with Health & Family Services

Human Services - Australia [10359] ?

Administration of pensions, disability benefits, disaster relief, job assistance

Insurance - Australia Securities & Investment Commission [3689] ?

Insurance regulation in Australia

Insurance: Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance [1603] ?

Professional association of insurance specialists in Australia

National Laws: Commonwealth Consolidated Legislation of Australia [817] ?

Consolidated copies of all Commonwealth of Australia Acts with exception of Appropriation&Supply Act

National Library of Australia [737] ?

Online access to the National Library of Australia

News: The Syndney Morning Herald [9131] ?

Daily newspaper from Sydney, Australia

OHS: Australian National Standards and Codes of Practice [1086] ?

Guidance materials on Australia's National Standards for occupational safety and health

OHS: Safe Work Australia [209] ?

National body responsible for occupational health and safety in Australia

OHS: Safety Institute of Australia [416] ?

Nonprofit organization for occupational health & safety practitioners in Australia

Patent Office: IP Australia [4691] ?

Federal government agency that grants rights in patents, trade marks and designs

Reserve Bank of Australia [38564] ?

Australia's central bank

Standards Australia [4595] ?

Purchase Australian standards (fees)

Workers Compensation: Comcare [13098] ?

Comcare is the workers' compensation "insurer" for the Commonwealth




Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory: Home Page [8724] ?

Official government website for the Australian Capital Territory

ACT: Consolidated Legislation and Ordinances [8704] ?

Full text of ACT Ordinances as consolidated in 1979 and all subsequent consolidations

ACT: Consolidated Regulations [8710] ?

Consolidations of regulations of the Australian Capital Territory


New South Wales

New South Wales, Australia: Home Page [8702] ?

Official government website for New South Wales, Australia

NSW: Consolidated Acts [8703] ?

Full text of the consolidated legislation of the State of New South Wales, Australia

NSW: Consolidated Regulations [8709] ?

Consolidated regulations, environmental plans and court rules of the State of New South Wales

NSW: Work Cover Authority New South Wales [9730] ?

The Workers Compensation Commission, occupational health and safety policies, etc


Northern Territory

Northern Territory, Australia: Home Page [8723] ?

Official government website of Northern Territory in Australia

NT: Consolidated Acts [8705] ?

Copies of consolidated Acts of the Northern Territory of Australia

NT: Consolidated Regulations [8711] ?

Consolidated Regulations, By-Laws, and Schemes of the Northern Territory of Australia

Work Health Authority - Northern Territory [9120] ?

Responsible for health, safety and workers compensation in the Northern Territory



Queensland, Australia: Home Page [8717] ?

Official government website for the state of Queensland in Australia


South Australia

South Australia Central: Home Page [8719] ?

Official government website of the state of South Australia

Parliament of South Australia [8720] ?

Access to the full text of legislation

SA: Consolidated Legislation [8706] ?

Copies of South Australian Acts as consolidated in 1991 and all subsequent Acts

SA: Consolidated Regulations [8712] ?

Regulations of South Australia as consolidated in 1991 and all subsequent regulations

SA: WorkCover Corporation South Australia [9731] ?

Manages SA's workers compensation and occupational safety & health system

SA: Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1986 [9732] ?

Full text of the WC law for South Australia

South Australia: Occupational Health, Safety Legislation [9733] ?

Guidance and text of the workplace safety laws for South Australia



OHS: Workcover Tasmania Workplace Health & Safety [8534] ?

Employer occupational health and safety requirements for Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia: Home Page [8721] ?

Official government website of the state of Tasmania in Australia

Tasmanian Workers Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1988 [9726] ?

Full text of the workers comp act for Tasmania, Australia

Workcover Tasmania [8531] ?

Established to administer workers compensation legislation in Tasmania

Workcover Tasmania Workers Compensation [9727] ?

Employer WC requirements for Tasmania

Workplace Standards Tasmania [8530] ?

Responsible for wages & conditions, occupational health & safety, workers comp, industrial relations

Tasmanian: Legislation [8715] ?

Database of Acts consolidated as far back as 1 February 1997



Victoria, Australia: Home Page [8716] ?

Official government website for the state of Victoria in Australia

Victorian WorkCover Authority [9729] ?

The manager of Victoria's workplace safety system

Victorian: Consolidated Legislation [8707] ?

Copies of Victorian Acts as consolidated in 1996 and subsequent Acts

Victorian: Legislation and Parliamentary Documents [8718] ?

Parliamentary documents, acts & statutory rules, Consolidated Principal Acts & Statutory Rules


Western Australia

Western Australia: Home Page [8722] ?

Official government website for the state of Western Australia

OHS: Western Australia Work Safety and Health Laws [7912] ?

Occupational safety and health laws in Western Australia

OHS: WorkSafe in Western Australia [1546] ?

Online information service provided by WorkSafe Western Australia

WA: Consolidated Legislation [8708] ?

Contains consolidated legislation of the State of Western Australia

WA: Consolidated Regulations [8713] ?

Consolidated regulations of the State of Western Australia

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