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Governments, organizations & their entities with databases, information and legislation published in English. Environment, health, labor, safety, etc. Publications.

8 Resources
Argentina - Legal Research [37362] ?

Information about the country's legal system with links to official government websites

Argentina Ministry of Health [8741] ?

The official government website

Argentina Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Pensions [36215] ?

Home page of the government website

Argentina Ministry of the Interior and Transportation [36214] ?

Responsible for laws and regs related to transportation (Spanish)

ARN: Argentina Nuclear Regulatory Authority [25833] ?

Responsible for ionizing radiation and nuclear safety in Argentina

Government of Argentina [5196] ?

Official portal

Information Resources - Argentina [37435] ?

Links to government websites (Spanish) and more

National Institute of Statistics and Censuses - INDEC [8699] ?

Manage the official statistical activities within the territory of the Argentine Republic

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