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Wide variety of organizations such as Organization of American States, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations Systems of Organizations.

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Bank for International Settlements [3739] ?

Goal is to promote international financial stability

Inter-Parliamentary Union [13192] ?

Brings together the representatives of the Parliaments of sovereign States

International Institute of Administrative Sciences [9642] ?

International organization on public administration

International Maritime Organization [10050] ?

UN agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [4586] ?

Forum for objective, skilled and independent dialogue of an economic nature for member countries

Organization of American States [4337] ?

Describes the organization, its programs and issues and provides links to member states

Updated United Nations Systems of Organizations [4582] ?

Alphabetic index of the United Nations System of Organizations

Urban Institute International Center [12345] ?

US nonprofit has delivered assistance to policymakers & citizen groups in more than forty countries

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