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International patent laws, protection of intellectual property and trademarks, etc. Eurpoean Patent Office. The Madrid Protocol.

10 Resources
Canadian Patents Database [23438] ?

Access the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) patent database

Canadian Trade-Mark Search [13101] ?

Search Canada's trademarks databases

Canadian Trademarks Database [23439] ?

Database from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Updated Europe's Network of Patent Databases [15406] ?

Search patent applications from worldwide

European Union Intellectual Property [13100] ?

European Community trademarks regulations and guidelines

Notices of Restored Copyrights [9395] ?

Search NIEs

Protecting Inventions in Europe [3800] ?

Discusses salient features and advantages of a community trademark in Europe

WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use [21697] ?

Intellectual Property Licensing from an international perspective

WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization [21693] ?

An international intergovernmental organization on intellectual property

Worldwide Patent Offices [10608] ?

Links to each country's Patent Office website

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