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Center for International Health Information. Pan American Health Association. World Health Organization. Red Cross. Country Health Summary Profiles.

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Country Health Profiles [12006] ?

Health statistics and health trend summaries for the Americas

Updated Country Summary Profiles [4551] ?

Health and safety profiles for each country listed

Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health [10490] ?

Tutorial series of online lectures related to global health and epidemiology

Foreign Vital Records Links [12659] ?

Where to find vital records internationally

Global Health [13654] ?

US Centers for Disease Control's activities on global health

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies [291] ?

International Red Cross - international parent for all Red Cross organizations

Pan American Health Organization [309] ?

Health organization for North America, Central America and South America

WHO International Health Regulations [23376] ?

Help monitor and control serious diseases which have significant potential to spread between countries

WHO: Occupational Health [10493] ?

World Health Organization activities in occupational health

World Health Organization [425] ?

United Nations health division

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