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Dilution and local exhaust ventilation for toxic or flammable gases. Fume removal. Control of smoke from medical laser procedures. Nitrous oxide administration exposure and control. HVAC design for dental and medical facilities. Fume hood safety program.

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Laser Generated Airborne Contaminants Systems [26517] ?

Purification system design for Laser Generated Airborne Contaminants (LGACs)

A Design Guide for Energy Efficient Research Laboratories [16387] ?

Includes design for supply systems, exhaust systems, distribution systems, air filtration and more

Advice for Safeguarding Buildings Against Chemical or Biological Attack [23485] ?

Intended for emergency personnel and for building operators

Air Flow Measurement Accuracy [13605] ?

How to make a duct traversal airflow measurement

Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre [13276] ?

Research and development of ventilation technology

Application of Artificial Fingernails [9999] ?

Controlling chemical hazards during the application of artifical fingernails with ventilated table

Updated ASHRAE's Ventilation Rate Calculation Procedure [13604] ?

An overview ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1 2016, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

Bus Garage Ventilation Fact Sheet [23015] ?

Control of Exhaust in the Bus Garage

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [14365] ?

Provides a basic understanding

Choosing the Correct Fume Extraction System [pdf] [31946] ?

Advice for selecting a laboratory hood system

Commercial Drycleaning Ventilation [23351] ?

Control of Exposure to Perchloroethylene

Control of Smoke From Laser/Electric Surgical Procedures [3683] ?

Fact sheet discusses the hazards and control for smoke emissions from laser surgical procedures

Controlling Exposures of Workers to Nitrous Oxide Anesthetic Aministration [3684] ?

NIOSH alert bulletin provides guidelines for minimizing worker exposure to nitrous oxide

Cyclone Leak Test Procedure [9532] ?

Describes a method of leak testing cyclone sampler assemblies

Design Criteria for Laboratories [3331] ?

Based on NFPA, ANSI, ASHRAE requirements

Updated Diesel Exhaust [pdf] [6638] ?

Recommendations for controlling diesel exhaust inside buildings

Dust Control Systems [39921] ?

Technical Articles on Industrial Ventilation for Dust Control, Combustible Dust Collection, and Vapor Control

Dust Protection for Bag Stackers [20699] ?

To reduce dust exposure, use an exhaust ventilation system

Fume Hood Safety [16869] ?

Safe operating procedures for fume hoods

Fume Hood Safety Guide [pdf] [25341] ?

Includes a selection guide, shutdown guidelines, testing procedures, and more

Updated Fume Hood Testing Protocol [24515] ?

National Institutes of Health Fume Hood Testing Protocol for Constant Volume Fume Hoods

Fume Hoods and Engineering Controls [18461] ?

Laboratory fume hood safety procedures

Fume Hoods: Design Criteria [pdf] [16829] ?

Design requirements for fume hoods

Fume Hoods: Guidelines and Performance Standards [2239] ?

Guidelines and performance standards for fume hoods used in labs at the Univ of Kentucky

Fume Removal [524] ?

Fact sheet describing engineering controls for reducing employee chemical exposure

Industrial Ventilation [pdf] [3603] ?

United Facilities Criteria for US military

Industrial Ventilaton & Exhaust Specs [pdf] [19941] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to industrial ventilation - 47 pages

Laboratory Fume Hood Performance Criteria [pdf] [5413] ?

Example of a university's policy

Laboratory Ventilation [pdf] [7858] ?

Engineering controls to prevent exposures to airborne hazards

Updated Measuring Indoor Carbon Dioxide [pdf] [20681] ?

Carbon dioxide levels to know

On-Line Fan Calculations [16385] ?

Online calculator designed to calculate the various properties of fans and blowers

Oxygen Deficiency Hazard Safety [27141] ?

How to recognize and protect workers from oxygen deficient atmospheres

Safe Use of Fume Hoods and Laboratory Ventilation Equipment [13348] ?

Basic safety rules on fume hoods

The Use of Ventilated Containment Structures During Abrasive Blasting [12579] ?

Air sampling results from 3 ventilation evaluations: oil refinery tank, large-bridge, small bridge

Tollbooth Ventilation [27306] ?

Study results indicate tollbooth ventilation systems effective in protecting workers

Ventilation of Poultry Slaughtering and Processing Plants [pdf] [11903] ?

Ventilation considerations for poultry plants

Ventilation Success Stories [20539] ?

Control of wood dust

Wood Dust Control [29002] ?

Safety bulletin outlines the basics of controlling wood dust when using woodworking equipment

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