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Adaptive Model of Thermal Comfort. Wind chill chart. Heat stress. Extreme cold.

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Apparent Temperature [475] ?

Chart of relative discomfort due to combined heat and high humidity

CA-California OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Regulation [28389] ?

Support materials to assist with Cal-OSHA Title 8, Chapter 4 Section 3395 Heat Illness Prevention

Cold Stress Safety Guide [27390] ?

How to prevent cold stress

Cold Weather Factsheet [pdf] [25967] ?

How to protect workers from the harsh effect of cold temperatures

Cold Work Stress [24749] ?

Safety and health considerations when working in the cold

Elements of Thermal Comfort [26372] ?

Explains the clo-value of clothing and its relationship to thermal comfort for humans

Updated Extreme Cold Guide [25357] ?

A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety

Extreme Heat [2937] ?

Fact sheets with guidelines on how to handle extreme heat emergencies

Extreme Heat [40052] ?

Prepare for hot weather before it happens - stay healthy during a heat event

Updated Extreme Heat Guide [14376] ?

A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety in Extreme Heat

Updated Extreme Heat: A Prevention Guide [39428] ?

Special precautions need to be taken when working in excessive heat and humidity

Frostbite Factsheet [pdf] [25955] ?

Steps to reduce the potential of frostbite

Hazards of Heat Stress [27318] ?

Heat stress is preventable

Heat - A Major Killer [40050] ?

Information about the heat index and heat safety tips

Heat and Humidity Stress [5414] ?

Chart of temperature, humidity and apparent temperature

Updated Heat Index Calculator [40339] ?

Calculate in fahrenheit or centrigrade using dew point temperature or relative humidity

Heat Index Guide [40049] ?

Protective measures to take at each risk level

Updated Heat Index Values Table [40338] ?

An explanation of the heat index with table of heat index values in fahrenheit

Heat Island Effect [40051] ?

Describes built up areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas

Heat Stress Factsheet [pdf] [25957] ?

Measures to reduce risks when working in hot environments

Heat Stress Prevention Information Guide [22363] ?

Guidelines to prevent heat stress

Heat Stress Safety Guide [27391] ?

How to preventheat stress

Heat Wave Safety [pdf] [16428] ?

How to handle heat emergencies

Heat-Related Illness Prevention [16116] ?

How to prevent heat rash, heat stress and other heat-related illnesses

Humidex Ratings and Work [8369] ?

Weather Service of Environment Canada uses humidex numbers (heat/humidity)

Hypothermia [20358] ?

Chart shows the correlation between core body temperature and hypothermia symptoms

Hypothermia and Cold Temperature Exposure [11950] ?

Warning signs and what to do in the event of cold stress

Hypothermia Factsheet [pdf] [25956] ?

Steps to reduce the potential dangers of hypothermia

MA-Massachusetts Minimum Heating Guidelines [pdf] [14134] ?

State law guidelines for businesses

MA-Massachusetts Minimum Heating Guidelines [pdf] [14133] ?

The following minimum temperatures have been established as guidelines for indoor heating

MN-Minnesota Indoor Workroom Ventilation & Temperature Requirements [16834] ?

Full text of Minnesota Rules 5205.0110

OSHA Campaign to Prevent Heat Stress [40565] ?

Resources focused on prevention of heat illness of outdoor workers

Preventing Heat Stress Injuries [26295] ?

Guideliness to prevent/treat heat stress for personnel exposed to heat stress environments (pdf)

Prevention and Treatment of Health and Cold Stress Injuries [pdf] [11558] ?

Cold and heat stress standards used by the US Navy

Protecting Workers in Cold Conditions [16775] ?

Tips to protect workers in cold environments

Recognizing and Preventing Heat Related Illnesses [14364] ?

Heat and humidity combined with physical exertion can lead to a variety of heat-related illnesses

Thermal Comfort Factors [17661] ?

Prediction of Thermal Comfort and Thermal Sensation

Thermal Comfort Notes [17669] ?

Supplementary Lecture Notes

WA-Washington Sample Outdoor Heat Exposure Plan [doc] [35429] ?

Helps ensure compliance with the Outdoor Heat Exposure rule, WAC 296-62-095

Wind Chill Chart [19007] ?

Cooling power of wind expressed as equivalent chill temperature

Wind Chill Temperature Index [25966] ?

Wind chill chart, FAQ, calculator

Wind-Chill Temperature [11948] ?

Wind chill chart and explanation

Working in Hot Environments [792] ?

Extensive explanation and guidelines on controlling the hazards of heat stress

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Winter property protection precautions

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