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Chemical reactivity worksheet. Environment and public health software (e.g., IAQ) Industrial hygiene calculators. Thermal Comfort Index Calculator. Sampling and Analytical Method Evaluation Software.

5 Resources
Chemical Reactivity Worksheet [570] ?

Software program used to determine the reactivity of substances or mixtures

Radioactive Decay Calculator [7857] ?

Online calculator provides assistance in calculating radioactive decay

Radioactivity Unit Calculator [16096] ?

Calculator assists with converting between radioactivity units

REIRS [7854] ?

Radiation Exposure Information and Reporting System (REIRS) for Radiation Workers

SKINPERM Model [11908] ?

Quantitative structure activity relationship for skin permeation (SKINPERM)

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Environment / Software
Download software for EPA safety & health programs, site-specific sampling

Ergonomics / Software
Ergonomics-related software available for downloading on the internet

Medicine / Software
Downloadable software for medical professionals

OSHA / Software
OSHA software to download

Safety Mgt / Software
Download demos and software related to workplace safety

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