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Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guide. NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM). Occupational Exposure Sampling Strategy Manual.

48 Resources
AIHA Accredited Laboratory Listings [9934] ?

Specific lists of AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC accredited laboratories

AIHA Lab Accreditation Programs [9936] ?

Information on the AIHA lab accreditation process

Air Monitor Sensor Selection [31950] ?

A guide to air monitor sensor selection

Air Monitoring Equipment [14369] ?

Following is a description of each type of air monitor

Australia: Asbestos [18587] ?

A model code of practice

Bioaerosol Sampling and Detection Methods [pdf] [14285] ?

Sampling considerations

Biological Sampling: Physical Parameter Measurements Are A Challenge [26509] ?

The effect of changes in temperature, moisture content, and pressure when conducting biological sampling

Calculating Decibels & TWAs [20505] ?

How to calcuate decibels and time-weighted averages

Direct-Reading Instruments [20905] ?

Technical reference material from OSHA

Employee Exposure Monitoring [26510] ?

Use accurate devices and have good documentation

EPA Environmental Measurements [21043] ?

EPA documents

FDA Laboratory Procedures Manual [16055] ?

Full text of the FDA's laboratory procedures

Guide to EPA Air Sampling Standards [6118] ?

Air sampling methods for EPA

Guide to HSE Air Sampling Standards [6122] ?

Guide to HSE (Health and Safety Executive) UK Air Sampling Standards

Hazards in Fire Response [pdf] [40820] ?

Plastic Polymers and the Changing Nature of Fires

How to Select a Confined Space Gas Monitor [26514] ?

Criteria for instrument selection

IH Exposure Assessment Strategies [5897] ?

The steps in an industrial hygiene assessment model

Importance of Industrial Hygiene Datalog Monitoring [pdf] [40817] ?

Gas detector data and its importance for industrial hygiene

Industrial Gas Detectors [26516] ?

A discussion of flammable gas and toxic gas detectors - a discussion of advances in technology

Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring Sensors Study [pdf] [18961] ?

Results of a 2005 study of seven handheld toxic gas monitors

Industrial Hygiene Field Operations Manual [11570] ?

Sampling procedures, etc. for the US Navy

Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guide [pdf] [1051] ?

US Army's Industrial Hygiene sampling instructions

Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guides for US Navy Laboratories [pdf] [23943] ?

Contains a compilation of sampling and analytical method recommendations for specific chemicals (pdf)

Light Measurement Handbook [pdf] [9738] ?

A brief overview of technical parameters and terminology used in the lighting industry

Updated Lighting for Office and Industry [pdf] [20513] ?

Recommended illumination levels for specific working conditions

MDI and TDI - Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring Methods [pdf] [39546] ?

In general, the following methods can be used for monitoring diisocyanates

Methods to Sample and Analyze Environmental Lead [6228] ?

NIOSH lead sampling recommendations

Monitoring Criteria and Methods to Calculate Occupational Radiation Doses [pdf] [21161] ?

10 CFR Part 20 provides the regulatory basis for this guide

National Cooperation for Laboratory Accrediation [25803] ?

Focus on laboratory accreditation programs in the U.S

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM) [1079] ?

Sampling and Analytical Method Evaluation

Occupational Exposure Sampling Strategy Manual [5090] ?

Download a guide for exposure sampling measurements and strategy

OSHA: Analytical Methods [9530] ?

Fully & partially validated OSHA methods

Passive Sampling Guide [6123] ?

Info on OSHA & ACGIH TLVs, sampling rate, etc. by chemical

Personal Gas Detectors [26511] ?

Important to enforce proper use of gas detectors that are issued to workers

Pipette Calibration Video [31953] ?

Calibrating pipettes is a necessary step to ensure the quality of lab results

Radiation Survey [22467] ?

How to Detect Radiation Using Survey Meters

Real-Time Dust Monitoring [pdf] [40816] ?

Advantages of Real-time Measurements in Industrial Hygiene

Sampling Fungi in Indoor Environments [pdf] [24021] ?

Suggested sampling recommendations

Sampling Media [pdf] [40818] ?

What happens when sampling media becomes obsolete

TDS Meters: FAQ [31952] ?

TDS defined is the Total Dissolved Solid in an aqueous solution

Test of Personal PID for Quick Response Monitoring on Hazardous Waste Sites [11894] ?

Field tests of personal-sized direct-reading/alarmed, photoionization detector monitoring instrument

Understanding Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling - Part I [24773] ?

This guide can help you tackle routine sampling with confidence

Understanding Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling - Part II [24774] ?

Explains the nuts and bolts of personal sampling pumps

Understanding Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling - Part III [24778] ?

The essential elements of field sampling methodology

Use, Care and Calibration of pH Testing Tools [pdf] [16663] ?

Provides the basics regarding pH testing tools

Using PIDs in Confined Spaces [pdf] [35240] ?

Photo Ionization Detectors (PIDs) measure low levels of VOCs, hydrocarbons, and other classes of toxic gases

Video Exposure Monitoring [20907] ?

The following studies utilized video exposure monitoring techniques as part of the assessment

Whole Air Sampling for Industrial Hygienists [pdf] [40819] ?

The advantages of whole air sampling are worth considering as a means to enhance your industrial hygiene capabilities

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Lists of chemicals subject to environmental and safety regulations

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PEL, TLV and STEL exposure limits for air contaminants, MRL, IDLH values, etc.

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Environmental risk assessment materials

Industrial Hygiene / References
Air sampling, technical papers, etc. related to industrial hygiene

OSHA / Sampling
OSHA sampling techniques, guidelines, and resources

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