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Full text of Respiratory Protection Programs. Information on respirators and respirator programs. Selection and use of particulate respirators. Qualitative fit testing.

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Air Quality for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) [26310] ?

Make sure breathing air and oxygen meet established specifications

CBRN PPE Selection Matrix [24193] ?

Chemical - Biological - Radiological - Nuclear Personal Protective Equipment Selection Matrix for emergency responders

CBRN Respirator Standards Development [24194] ?

NIOSH standards for CBRN approved respirators

Certification Program Support for Respirator Manufacturers [12963] ?

NIOSH support services to respirator manufacturers

Checklist for Respiratory Protection Programs [pdf] [23122] ?

Focus is on California requirements

Closed-Circuit Escape Respirator Certification [40751] ?

2014 updated requirements

Conducting Experimental Tests to Determine a Cartridge's Service Life [11356] ?

Determining Organic Vapor Cartridge Service Life for NIOSH Approved Respirators

Effective Respirator Program Management [27117] ?

An expert offers insights

Factors that can Reduce Cartridge and/or Filter Service Life [30177] ?

Include but are not limited to the following

Filtering Facepiece Respirators [40750] ?

A listing of all NIOSH-approved and FDA-cleared surgical N95 respirators and more

Fit Testing Procedure for N95 Respirators [pdf] [5415] ?

Outlines the general steps for fit testing respirators on employees

Important Considerations When Designing a Respiratory Protection Program [8245] ?

Excerpted from OSHA CFR 1910.134 and OSHA Directive CPL 2-0.120

KY-University - Respirator Program Template [2247] ?

Full text of a university's Respirator Program for their employees

Limitations of Cartridge-Type Respirators [18792] ?

Things you should be aware of when wearing a cartridge-type respirator

Updated N-95, N-99 and N-100 Disposable Particulate Respirator Program [pdf] [6635] ?

A step-by-step guide for protecting medical service workers from airborne infectious diseases

N95 Respirator Training [pdf] [18358] ?

A training guide

NIOSH Certified Equipment List [15603] ?

A database of all certified respirators and coal mine dust personal sampler units

NIOSH Respirator Decision Logic [6225] ?

1987 NIOSH publication on the criteria for selecting respirators

NIOSH Respirator Information - 42 CFR Part 84 [203] ?

Respirator information includes full text of the code

NIOSH Respirator Selection Logic [27868] ?

This RSL contains a series of questions regarding situations which may require the use of respirators

NIOSH Respirator Trusted-Source Information [488] ?

Which respirators are approved by NIOSH

NIOSH Respirator Users Notices [4008] ?

NIOSH alerts about safety problems with specific brands & models of respirators

NIOSH Respirators [6239] ?

Equipment certification databases, respirator users notices, guides to selection, OSHA codes, etc.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Standards: 10 CFR 20 [14528] ?

According to the NRC, the amendments to 10 CFR 20 make these regulations

OSHA Respiratory Protection eTool [10419] ?

Evaluate potential respiratory hazards and appropriate controls

OSHA Respiratory Protection Program Guidance [1565] ?

Advice is provided in establishing a program

OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard Training Videos [12609] ?

Many are offered in both English and Spanish - online

OSHA Respiratory Standard; Medical Evaluation Questionnaire [7917] ?

OSHA requires the employee to fill out a medical questionnaire - sample template provided

Particulate Respirators, 42 CFR Part 84 [3118] ?

Discusses test criteria for particulate filter respirators

Prevention of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Failures [pdf] [8054] ?

Guidance on how to prevent SCBA failure

Updated Public Sector Respiratory Protection Model Program [pdf] [21137] ?

Designed to help public employers and employees comply with the Respiratory Protection Standard

Qualitative Fit Testing [31935] ?

A fact sheet for qualitative fit testing of respirators

Quantitative Fit Testing [31955] ?

OSHA recognizes three types of Quantitative Fit Testing

Respirator - Cartride Change Schedule [1379] ?

How to establish a respirator cartridge change schedule

Respirator Cartridge Change Schedule [31956] ?

A discussion of procedures

Respirator Change Schedules [11354] ?

Valid ways for you to estimate a cartridge's service life

Respirator Decision Logic Flow Chart [pdf] [25916] ?

Flow Chart for Selecting Part 84 Particulate Filters

Respirator Fit Testing Fact or Myth [30176] ?

A test on aspects of OSHA requirements related to respirator fit testing

Respirator Fit Testing Requirements and Procedures [3119] ?

Fact sheet gives guidelines on respirator fit testing procedures

Respirator Seal Check Procedure [8599] ?

Brief overview of the process

Respirator Selection Requirements of Substance-Specific Standards [31936] ?

Assigned Protection Factors (APFs) and Maximum Use Concentrations (MUCs)

Respirator Use and Nanotechnology [pdf] [14002] ?

A Technical Data Bulletin

Respirator Use SOP [pdf] [26314] ?

Standard operating procedures for the US Navy related to respirator use

Respiratory Protection Articles [24977] ?

A series of articles to assist with workplace respiratory protection programs

Respiratory Protection in the Workplace [pdf] [1579] ?

A Practical Guide for Small-Business Employers (pdf)

Respiratory Protection Program [pdf] [27282] ?

Consists of 10 sections plus cleaning and selection criteria materials

Respiratory Protection Program [23323] ?

Includes sample forms & safety SOP's

Respiratory Protection Program Guide [39990] ?

Used to create a respirator protection program

Respiratory Protection Program Template [pdf] [35758] ?

A 20 page sample program

Respiratory Protection Training Kit [10437] ?

Materials on compliance with OSHA's respiratory protection standard

Sample Construction Respirator Program [12580] ?

Full text of a fill-in-the-blanks construction respirator program

Sample Respiratory Protection Materials [16340] ?

Guidance and sample programs for respiratory protection in the workplace

Sample Respiratory Protection Program [15233] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety program

SCBA Care and Inspection Procedures [pdf] [26312] ?

Procedures for routine care for SCBA to maintain in a ready for use condition

SCBA Information [7922] ?

In the hierarchy of respiratory protection, SCBAs provide the highest level protection available

Selection and Use of Particulate Respirators [515] ?

Guidance from NIOSH on the selection and use of particulate respirators

Standard Respirator Testing Procedures [24195] ?

Air-Purifying Respirators with Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Protection

Steps for Establishing a Respiratory Program [3115] ?

How to establish an effective respiratory protection program

Suggested Respirator Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures [22527] ?

Procedures to be used are based on how respirators are being used

The Effect of Facial Hair on Respirator Facepiece Fit [pdf] [6639] ?

Guidance regarding facial hair and respirator fit

Types of Respirators [pdf] [25912] ?

Provides information on the different types of respirators and their approved use

Types of Respirators - APRs, SARs [26311] ?

An online video

Updated Written Program: Respiratory [23121] ?

Example of a program in use at a major university

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