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GCat: Safety
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Cat: Occup Resp Disease

NIOSH respiratory questionnaires. Occupational asthma prevention. Air sampling, epidemiology, pulmonary function testing, etc.

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Avian Influenza: Protecting Workers from Exposure [28763] ?

The disease can be transmitted to poultry workers or others who contact infected poultry or contaminated surfaces

Updated Guidance for Protecting Workers Against Avian Flu [28765] ?

Guidance for farm workers and animal handlers

Index of 48 Occupational Diseases [14116] ?

Diseaes Caused by Workplace Chemical and Biological Agents

Updated NORMS - National Occupational Respiratory Mortality System [34751] ?

Mortality information on occupationally-related respiratory diseases

Occupational Lung Disease [5971] ?

Preventive action can help employers reduce the cost of workplace lung disease

Occupational Respiratory Diseases [4386] ?

Air sampling, epidemiology, pulmonary function testing and more

Pneumoconioses [12961] ?

Coal Workers' X-ray Surveillance Program

Pneumoconioses [22418] ?

NIOSHA Coal Workers' X-ray Surveillance Program and more

Preventing Asthma & Death from Diisocyanate Exposure [4319] ?

1996 NIOSH alert that exposure to diisocyanates may cause severe respiratory disease or death

Proceedings of the VIIth International Pneumoconioses Conference Part I [6233] ?

1988 NIOSH conference on pneumoconioses

Updated World Surveillance System - Work-Related Lung Disease [34750] ?

Occupationally-related respiratory disease surveillance data from AOEC, CDC, MSHA, OSHA, BLS, NCHS, SSA

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Hantavirus, histoplasmosis, silicosis and more

Industrial Hygiene / Respirators
Respirator fit, full text of respiratory programs, etc.

Industrial Hygiene / Tuberculosis
OSHA and CDC guidelines for control of tuberculosis

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Clinical resources on the medical treatment of asthma, MCS, dermatitis, etc.

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Clinical resources on the medical treatment of pulmonary disease

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OSHA technical resources related to medicine

Safety / Sandblasting
Safety procedures for safe sandblasting

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