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Full text of hearing conservation program. Materials on acoustics. Noise attentuation. Noise basics. Technical material from NIOSH. Hearing protection devices. Noise induced hearing loss.

100 Resources
Noise-induced Hearing Loss [2523] ?

Early Detection/Prevention Key to Avoiding Occupational Noise-induced Hearing Loss

A Practical Guide to Hearing Conservation Programs in the Workplace [5087] ?

Download a comprehensive guide to establishing workplace hearing conservation programs

A Quick Checklist for Monitoring Your OHC Program [6664] ?

Series of yes / no questions on occupational hearing conservation programs

Acoustical Society of America [8075] ?

International society in acoustics

Audiometric Testing [26640] ?

Audiometric evaluation is crucial to the success of the hearing loss prevention program

Auditory Hazards of Air Bags [pdf] [23685] ?

Hearing Hazard from the Noise of Vehicle Air Bag Deployment

Australia - Occupational Noise [18592] ?

A model code of practice

Canada: Noise OELs [22896] ?

Occupational exposure limits (OELs) for workplace noise

Canada: Noise Measurement [17015] ?

Advice on workplace noise measurement requirements in Canada

City & County Noise Ordinances - Examples [26264] ?

The text of noise ordinances in various cities and counties within the United States

Comparing Standards for Safe Noise Exposure [26260] ?

Compares OSHA noise standards to those for EPA, ANSI and WHO

Construction Noise [6238] ?

Trade-specific noise exposures in the commercial construction industry

Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart [24090] ?

Environmental and musical noise loudness

Developing and Maintaining an Effective Hearing Conservation Program [26259] ?

A program that employers can implement to protect their employees' hearing ability

Disposable Ear Plug Fitting Instructions [6679] ?

Information on disposable plugs

Updated DoD Design Criteria Standard - Noise Limits [27469] ?

Criteria and Procedures for Auditory Health Hazard Assessment of Impulse Noise (Blast Over Pressure)

DoD Hearing Conservation Program [pdf] [11944] ?

Guidance regarding HCP implementation

Elements of an Effective Hearing Conservation Program [3109] ?

Outlines the basic elements required in a hearing conservation program

Environmental Noise [26254] ?

Overview of standards, practices and methods of noise reduction

Foam Ear Plug Use Instruction [12424] ?

4 step process for the use of foam earplugs

Guidelines for Community Noise [20658] ?

Guidelines from the World Health Organization

Hearing & Balance [6677] ?

Hearing loss resources

Hearing Conservation Guide [pdf] [25942] ?

How to create a hearing conservation program

Hearing Conservation Manual [pdf] [28499] ?

28 page manual

Hearing Conservation Program [14511] ?

Text of a hearing conservation policy in use by a major university

Hearing Conservation Program [6460] ?

A hearing conservation program used by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Hearing Conservation Program [6668] ?

In addition to the text of the program, includes SOPs for hearing protection

Hearing Conservation Program [2250] ?

Full text of a hearing conservation program for university employees

Hearing Conservation Program - Medical College [pdf] [23120] ?

Example of a written program in use

Hearing Conservation Program and Checklist [pdf] [12959] ?

In use by a major university

Hearing Conservation Program Evaluation Checklist [pdf] [14868] ?

Evaulate your work-related hearing loss prevention program

Hearing Conservation Program Guidelines [16105] ?

How to implement a hearing conservation program

Hearing Conservation Program Policies [pdf] [39989] ?

A sample hearing conservation program

Hearing Loss & Music Headphones [6659] ?

Preventing hearing loss when using headphones for listening to music

Hearing Loss Prevention Program [19046] ?

Hearing conservation program materials

Hearing Overprotection [27315] ?

Putting workers in the most protective hearing protectors is not always the best solution

Hearing Protector Selection Guide [31949] ?

Some guidelines for selecting the most appropriate hearing protectors for your application

Highway Traffic Noise in the USA [26257] ?

Information about highway traffic noise and highway noise barriers

Industrial Noise Control Manual [8218] ?

Noise problem analysis and control in industrial settings

Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA [11739] ?

Association of noise control engineering professionals

Interactive Sound Ruler [14778] ?

Table of typical sounds and their decibel levels

Lawn Mower Noise Test Results [pdf] [37593] ?

Chart of noise levels for brands of lawn mowers

MIL-STD-1474D Noise Limits [5114] ?

A design criteria standard for the US military

MSHA Noise Standard [25351] ?

Health standards for noise exposure in mining

NIOSH Buy Quiet Program Components [40729] ?

NIOSH encourages companies to start Buy Quiet programs to reduce noise hazards in the workplace

NIOSH Compendium of Hearing Protection Devices [4388] ?

Data published by manufacturers of hearing protectors sold in the United States

Updated NIOSH Hearing Protector Device Compendium [39953] ?

Data from manufacturers nationwide on hundreds of hearing protectors

Updated NIOSH Power Tools Database - Noise [39952] ?

Helpful in determining the

NIOSH Recommendations for Hearing Loss Prevention Programs [6074] ?

Be implemented for all workers whose unprotected 8-hr TWA exposures equal or exceed 85dBA

Noise - Auditory Effects [8372] ?

The relationship between noise exposure and hearing loss

Noise and Hearing Conservation [pdf] [31763] ?

Materials to assist in a workplace hearing conservation program

Updated Noise and Hearing Loss [6669] ?

National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement, January 22-24, 1990

Noise Control & Hearing Conservation [24973] ?

A series of articles on controlling noise hazards in the workplace

Noise Control for Buildings [pdf] [11836] ?

The principles and fundamentals of acoustics

Noise Control Mufflers for Bleeders on Retorts & Sterilizers [16060] ?

Describes the use of noise control mufflers on sterilizers and cooking equipment

Noise Control Terms [26256] ?

Dictionary of terms related to noise and noise control

Noise Effects Handbook [26255] ?

A desk reference to health and welfare effects of noise

Noise Exposure Limits for Extended Work Shifts [8373] ?

Different methods of calculating noise exposure limits

Noise Exposures among Medical Transcriptionists [pdf] [27694] ?

Noise levels delivered through headsets transcriptionists wear while recording medical records onto computer files

Noise Fact Sheet [11180] ?

Covers health hazards of noise and controlling those hazards

Noise from the Discharge of Air Bags [26262] ?

Copies of correspondence from top professional organizations concerned with hearing loss and air bag discharge

Noise in the Workplace [25999] ?

How to reduce noise hazards in the workplace

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Fact Sheet [4347] ?

Fact sheet provides technical information on noise induced hearing loss

Noise Meter [11947] ?

Hear the different sounds and sound intensities of everyday objects

Noise Mitigation [25805] ?

Strategies for Reducing Sound Transmission in Homes and Commercial Buildings

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse Online Library [8070] ?

Estimated at nearly 50 articles on noise effects, traffic noise, sound basics, noise studies, etc.

Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) [11946] ?

Attenuation, generally expressed in terms of a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

Noise Transmission in Buildings [11854] ?

Design and build to control noise

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss [9472] ?

Simple steps to protect your hearing

Non-Auditory Effects of Noise [8374] ?

Description of the non-auditory effects of noise

Occupational Hearing Loss - State Statutes [pdf] [15311] ?

Summaries of state WC laws relating to hearing loss

Occupational Noise Exposure [pdf] [6494] ?

Full text of the NIOSH criteria for a recommended noise standard - June, 1998

Updated Offices: Open Plan Acoustics [17668] ?

Controlling the acoustics of the open-plan office

OSHA's Audiogram Recordability Requirements [pdf] [11548] ?

Recording threshold shifts

Practical Solutions to Noise Problems in Agriculture [25778] ?

United Kingdom research study on the subject of noise hazards on farms

Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss - A Practical Guide [11945] ?

A practical guide to assist employers and employees to develop hearing loss prevention programs

Proper Insertion of Protective Foam Earplugs [pdf] [23808] ?

Includes illustrations

Protect Your Ears [14777] ?

Hearing loss reference materials

Quieting Your Construction Site [24743] ?

Guide to Prevent Hearing Loss in Construction

Role of the Occupational Audiologist [36108] ?

What an occupational audiologist does

Sample Hearing Loss Prevention Program [doc] [35417] ?

Customize this program according to your workplace

Updated Sample Program for Hearing Conservation [26674] ?

Example of a 5 page safety program for hearing conservation-

Sound Level Survey Form [pdf] [31762] ?

A sample form for workplace sound level testing

Sound Transmission [11835] ?

An information brief

Sound Transmission Class - STC [11856] ?

An integer rating of how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound

Soundproofing Basics [11834] ?

Provides an understanding behind the science of soundproofing

State Environmental Noise Statutes [26258] ?

Summaries of state-wide noise and watercraft noise regulations

Ten Ways to Recognize Hearing Loss [14780] ?

The following questions will help you determine if you need to have your hearing evaluated

The Danger of High Level NRRs [26261] ?

The appropriateness of EPA's Hearing Protector Labeling Regulations has been seriously debated

Typical Noise Levels [26263] ?

A look at the noise level of common household appliances

Understanding Audiology [14784] ?

Consumer fact sheets to assist with understanding audiology

United Kingdom: Noise [12071] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom employers on noise in the workplace

United Kingdom: Noise In the Workplace [18365] ?

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Update Newsletter [6663] ?

The newsletter of the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation

WHO - Occupational Noise [pdf] [2307] ?

World Health Organization assessment on work-related hearing impairment

Work-Related Hearing Loss [7967] ?

Fact sheet on hearing loss in the workplace

Work-Related Noise [9095] ?

General estimates of work-related noise created by various equipment, etc

Workplace Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention [512] ?

A series of fact sheets

Workplace Noise News [8077] ?

News articles from newspapers in the USA related to industrial and workplace noise

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