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Laser-related materials. Tutorials. Standards. Resources. Research & theory. Safety programs and manuals. Medical laser safety.

16 Resources
Canada - Laser Safety Program [4260] ?

Full text of a laser safety manual for the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada

Laser Hazards and Controls [27085] ?

Laser safety program guidance

Updated Laser Hazards Control Program [pdf] [812] ?

US Navy laser safety program information

Laser Pointer Hazards [22514] ?

While most exposures to laser pointer beams result in temporary flash-blinding, a slight retinal lesion also is possible

Laser Pointer Safety Factsheet [pdf] [25935] ?

Tips to protect yourself from the hazards of commercial laser pointers

Laser Safety Basics [3137] ?

Fact sheet outlines the basics related to laser safety

Laser Safety Manual [2252] ?

Full text of the a Laser Safety Manual with appendix on laser light entertainment

Laser Safety Manual [pdf] [25155] ?

Text of a laser safety program in use by a university's health sciences center

Laser Safety Policy Manual [pdf] [22284] ?

Full text of a safety manual related to laser safety

Laser Safety Program [20636] ?

Safety materials in use at a major university

Laser Safety Program [19045] ?

Controls for safe operation of lasers in laboratories

Lasers in Health Care [8371] ?

Hazards of lasers used in health care settings, plus laser safety checklist

RLI Laser Accident Database [11674] ?

Statistical summary data on types of lasers, occupations and causes

Safe Handling of Lasers [22515] ?

Safety for service technicians, and other personnel who must work with lasers

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