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Laboratory safety programs and manuals, Chemical Hygiene Plans, radiation safety guidelines, laboratory inspections. Laboratory waste minimization and pollution prevention. Safety in high school labs. Laboratory safety checklists. Spill response. Standard operating procedures for hazardous materials.

102 Resources
Biosafety Guidelines [pdf] [23292] ?

Biosafety SOP's

Canada: Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines [764] ?

Full text of Health Canada's laboratory biosafety guidelines

CDC HAI Guidelines for Laboratories [40703] ?

Biosafety guidelines for hospital laboratories

Chemical Handling Safety [pdf] [31945] ?

Safety procedures in the laboratory when using chemicals and other hazardous materials

Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan [23636] ?

Full text of a sample plan in use by a US government laboratory

Chemical Hygiene Guide [2176] ?

Full text of a chemical hygiene plan used for a university's laboratories

Chemical Hygiene Plan [14860] ?

Full text of a chemical hygiene plan in use by a major university

Chemical Hygiene Plan [22358] ?

Text of a sample program and more

Chemical Hygiene Plan [2249] ?

Full text of a chemical hygiene plan for a university's laboratories

Chemical Hygiene Plan [11963] ?

Example of a university's plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan [1728] ?

Full text of a safety plan related to lab safety

Updated Chemical Hygiene Plan [pdf] [28876] ?

Example of the plan in use by the US National Institutes of Health

Chemical Hygiene Plan & Laboratory Guide [21663] ?

Full text of a CHP in use by a major university

Chemical Hygiene Plan & Laboratory Safety Manual [25342] ?

Sample of a CHP in use at a major university

Updated Chemical Hygiene Plan - University [23117] ?

Example of a written program in use at a major university

Chemical Hygiene Plan for School Laboratories [pdf] [23394] ?

Sample chemical safety plan for school laboratories

Updated Chemical Hygiene Plan Model [pdf] [27876] ?

An example of a model CHP

Chemical Hygiene Plan Template [pdf] [24519] ?

Text of a sample CHP

Chemical Reactivity Worksheet [5401] ?

CRW is software that you use to find out about the potential reactive hazards of substances and mixtures of substances

Chemical Safety [3285] ?

Safety manuals, safety fact sheets and resources for laboratory safety

Chemical Safety Rules in Laboratories [26731] ?

General safety rules for use of hazardous chemicals and more

Chemical Safety Standard Operating Procedures [14859] ?

Chemical and electrical safety SOP

Chemical Spill Procedures [pdf] [3335] ?

Standard operating procedures for spills in labs

Cleanrooms & ISO Standards [12410] ?

Airborne Particulate Cleanliness Classes and ISO Standards

Controlled Substances Use in Research [16867] ?

Conducting research using controlled substances - forms, policies, regulations, etc.

Departmental Chemical Hygiene Plans [20635] ?

In use at a major university

Updated Design Requirements Manual for Biomedical Laboratories and Animal Research Facilities [16828] ?

Design manual for biomedical research laboratory and animal research facilities

Electron Microscopes - Safety Hazards [36078] ?

A safety tip sheet

Emergency Eye/Face Wash/ Shower Requirements [3126] ?

Fact sheet outlines general requirements for emergency eye wash and shower equipment

Emergency Eyewash & Shower Equipment [2240] ?

Performance standards for emergency eyewash and shower equipment at the Univ of Kentucky

Emergency Eyewashes & Showers: Proper Maintenance [542] ?

Establish a regular maintenance program to identify and correct any problems

Emergency Instructions [19281] ?

What to do for spill, leak, release, medical emergency or fire or flammable gas

Ethidium Bromide Waste Disposal Policy [17376] ?

Example policy in use by a major university

Etiologic Agent Import Permit Program [26977] ?

Centers for Disease Control permit instructions and application

Flinn Scientific's Student Safety Contract [4928] ?

List of safety rules to be signed by laboratory students

General Lab Safety [58] ?

Lab safety program from a Canadian university

Hospital Laboratory Safety [22982] ?

Training module for hospital lab safety

Lab Activation Protocol [10463] ?

Guidelines on how to activate a new laboratory

Lab Deactivation Protocol [10462] ?

Guidelines on how to deactivate a laboratory

Lab Safety - University [16644] ?

Materials from a major state university

Lab Safety Guidelines [26997] ?

Sample safety checklist for laboratories

Lab Safety Inspection Checklist [2233] ?

A self-inspection safety checklist for chemical laboratories

Lab Safety Manual [pdf] [3336] ?

Text of a laboratory safety manual

Lab Safety SOP's [25340] ?

Standard operating procedures on how to safely handle specific laboratory chemicals

Laboratory and Chemical Safety [3302] ?

Safety practices to minimize hazards and prevent accidents when work involves chemicals or hazardous

Laboratory and Chemical Safety [18460] ?

Laboratory safety standard operating procedures and more

Laboratory Biological Safety Manual [pdf] [2902] ?

Text of a 50+ page manual

Laboratory Biosafety & Chemical Safety Manuals [33576] ?

A series of manuals and documents - radiation, respiratory protection, CHP, biosafety manual, BBP and more

Laboratory Biosafety Manual [pdf] [17373] ?

Biosafety precautions to take when operating lab equipment

Laboratory Checklists [pdf] [27232] ?

Earthquake, laboratory safety, move in/out, etc

Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan [11993] ?

Resources for laboratory chemical safety

Laboratory Decontamination Guidelines [pdf] [36502] ?

In use by a major California university

Laboratory General Safety Program [pdf] [26454] ?

To ensure laboratory safety, follow safe laboratory practices

Laboratory Guide for Renovations, Remodels, Reassignments & Moves [17260] ?

Procedures for decommissioning laboratories

Laboratory Inspection Checklists [29896] ?

For safety inspections

Laboratory Radiation Safety Manual [7862] ?

Full text of a laboratory radiation safety manual

Laboratory Relocation Guidelines [14048] ?

Provides employee safety guidelines for groups involved in physically relocating laboratories

Laboratory Safety [18468] ?

Includes biosafety, chemical safety, laser safety, radiation safety, vivarium safety

Laboratory Safety Design Guide [27238] ?

Text of a manual in use by a university

Laboratory Safety Hazards & Control [16054] ?

FDA Laboratory Safety Plan

Laboratory Safety Lesson [26996] ?

A training lesson for improving laboratory safety

Laboratory Safety Manual [36554] ?

Includes standard operating procedures, audit checklist, standards and guidelines, etc

Laboratory Safety Manual [18837] ?

Laboratory safety manual in use at a major university

Laboratory Safety Procedures and Chemical Hygiene Plan [24832] ?

Text of a plan in use at a major university

Updated Laboratory Safety Program [1146] ?

Full text of a laboratory safety program, including Hygiene Plan, Haz Communication, etc.

Laboratory Safety Program [3264] ?

Safety materials in use at a major university

Laboratory Safety Self-Inspections [904] ?

Chemistry lab safety inspection form and checklist

Laboratory Security of Hazardous Materials [pdf] [25337] ?

Follow these guidelines to minimize opportunities for intentional removal of any hazardous materials from your laborator

Laboratory Spill Response [9761] ?

Recommended equipment and supplies for a laboratory spill

Laboratory Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1450 [pdf] [3143] ?

Fact sheet provides overview of OSHA's standard for laboratories - Chemical Hygiene Plan

Laboratory Waste Procedures [3423] ?

Laboratory Standard Operating Policies and Procedures related to disposal of hazardous chemicals

Magnet Cell Laboratory - Visitor Safety [pdf] [26735] ?

Visitor and contractor security safety

Magnet Laboratory Safety - Emergency Action Plan [pdf] [26736] ?

Example of an EAP in use at a major university

Magnetic Field Laboratory Safety [26734] ?

Safety procedures

Magnetic Field Laboratory Safety [pdf] [26738] ?

Magnet cell safety procedures

Mercury in the Lab [pdf] [6373] ?

Includes alternatives to mercury

Meth Labs [22078] ?

Safety and health hazards from methamphetamine & methamphetamine Labs

Microbiology Laboratory Safe Practices [pdf] [27002] ?

Some safety rules for microbiology labs

Minors in Laboratories [16831] ?

Policy and forms for minors working in laboratories

NFPA 45 Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals [2241] ?

Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Laboratories

NIH Biosafety Guidelines [26976] ?

NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules

Updated NIH Chemical Hygiene Plan [pdf] [1819] ?

Text of the CHP used by National Institutes of Health laboratories

Occupational Health and Safety of Research Animal Workers [8934] ?

Examines occupational safety and health programs in laboratories conducting animal research

Updated Personal Protective Equipment in the Laboratory [11440] ?

Information for lab workers

Preparing for Laboratory Safety Emergencies [3426] ?

Eyewashes, spill kits, etc

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Disposal of Chemicals [18473] ?

Provides step-by-step planning procedures for handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals

Research Laboratory Safety [25143] ?

Safety materials in use at a major university

Safety Training Checklist for Laboratory Workers [2242] ?

Use the following checklist to ensure that you receive the proper safety training

Sample Chemical Hygiene Plan Template [11960] ?

Full text of a CHP used by a major university in their laboratories

School Laboratory Safety [27000] ?

A series of articles provide guidance for school lab safety

School Laboratory Safety [27533] ?

Safety information and resources for school and college science teachers

Setting up a Lab [23923] ?

Cover a variety of safety topics

Shippers General Requirements for Shipments and Packaging [13361] ?

Text of Title 49 Chapter 1 Part 173

Spill Response for Laboratory Personnel [26733] ?

Example of general spill procedures to be followed by lab personnel

Spill Response for Laboratory Personnel [9760] ?

A guide to chemical spill response, based on the chemical characteristics of specific chemicals

Summaries of Various Regulations which Require Written Compliance Documents [9762] ?

Provides a brief overview of each regulation that requires a written safety program

Template for a Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan [27448] ?

A sample chemical hygiene plan

TX-University of Texas at Austin Laboratory Safety Manual [5937] ?

Full text of the university's laboratory safety manual

University Chemical Hygiene Plan [16868] ?

Full text of a chemical hygiene plan

University Laboratory Safety [4520] ?

Lab safety program at a major university

USDA Select Agent and Toxin List [26978] ?

List of High Consequence Livestock and Plant Pathogens and Toxins

Web-Based Lab Safety Training [12481] ?

Series of online tutorials related to laboratory safety

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